Taylor Swift ‘The Man’ Music Video Deserves A Clap For Her Transformation

Ankita Chetana |Feb 28, 2020

Rather than entertaining purposes, Taylor Swift ‘The Man’ has been drawing attention for the message of equality to women. Watch the video!

It seems like Taylor Swift ‘The Man’ is heading to the upcoming occasion of International Women’s Day. The American singer is literally a real man in the music video to fire shots at several popular men. The MV released yesterday with the context of the male population’s powers in this society.

Taylor Swift The Man
Taylor Swift transforms into a man in her latest music video "The Man"

An interesting fact that you might not know is that Taylor herself created the content and directed the video. You may raise a question of where she is in this MV and find amazing that the man running throughout it is exactly Taylor. She used intense prosthetic layers to cover her appearance and transformed into a man.

Taylor Swift The Man
Taylor Swift directs the MV by herself

Obviously seen in Taylor Swift ‘The Man’ video, she throws money, pees visibly on the roads, treats women as a raw deal. Furthermore, she collects brownie points by becoming a perfect father. Watch the full MV here:

Taylor’s music has its own meanings of throwing vague shade at people making mistakes with her and there is no exception for this time. The scene of her peeing with a sign of 'No scooter' on the wall is likely to allude to Scooter Braun. Apart from it, another scene of her high-fiving anonymous hands under the archway seems to aim at Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s house.

taylor swift the man
Taylor Swift's intense transformation in her MV

Not stop then, the singer continues to treat one more man with words. It’s definitely Leonardo DiCaprio who masters a string of revelries and love affairs but the news ignored all of them. Meanwhile, the same things have come to her in a noisy way on many headlines. And after all, what she wants to mean is how unequal it is when a man’s word is more trusted that a woman’s.

Taylor Swift The Man 2
Taylor mentions Leonardo DiCaprio in her song 'The Man'

Taylor Swift ‘The Man’ is pointing subtle issues of the present society. It is a hilarious song and music video adverting those had feuds with her and also a voice to empower the women over the world.


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