Sona Mohapatra Says She Didn’t Take Her Career In Music Before Revealing Her MeToo Story

Author |Nov 01, 2018

Singer Sona Mohapatra came out with how it was more important to share her MeToo story than think of her career in music.

Singer and musician Sona Mohapatra, who accused her fellow singers Anu Malik and Kailash Kher for making inappropriate sexual advances towards her, shared that she didn’t take her singing career into consideration before sharing her #MeToo story. Simply, she believed her action will make the country’s future better.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Singer Sona Mohapatra Reveals Why She 'Didn't Think Of Her Musical Career' Before Sharing Her #MeToo Story

Sona, who will take charge of a judge in Zee TV’s singing reality show Sa Re Ga Ma Pa alongside Shekhar Ravjiani and Wajid Khan, communicated with the media at a press conference.

She appreciated Sa Re Ga Ma Pa and Zee TV because they had created the chance for victims of sexual harassment to raise their voice like her.

The "Piya se naina" singer had spoken out her experience in the light of #MeToo movement. She was also was one of the first to make the allegation against big names in the music industry when the #MeToo boomed in India.

The Bahara singer hoped for India’s the moving toward bight side and eliminating all the garbage out of the society and system and “count on better days.”

When being asked if she would take legal action against the sexual predators, she said the ongoing #MeToo movement has collected voice and become widespread all the country. Not only women but men also want to see the positive changes related to women’s right and sexual misconducts in society. The singer emphasized that she was not only the woman to raise voice and encouraged the media to give hand to fighting against this battle. No one can be a bystander in this issue.

In response to Kailash Kher’s apology, Sona strongly irritated that Kher is a serial predator and has been for years.


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