Shawn Mendes and everything you need to know about his love life

Kanchana Ngan |Feb 16, 2019

How many relationships has he been in? Is he currently dating anyone? The handsome singer Shawn Mendes's love life is always of great concern.

Shawn Mendes has been at the peak of his career with numerous songs dominating the music charts. However, it is his love life, too, which receives huge attention. Is he also successful in relationships? Why does he not have any girlfriend now? Who has he dated before? All will be answered below. So stay tuned and find the answer for your curiosity.

Shawn Mendes

The love life of the good-looking singer-songwriter is always of great concern.

Is Shawn Mendes in a love relationship at the moment?

The answer may satisfy many girls' expectation. No, he is not dating anyone right now. While it seems that Shawn is likely in constant relationships, as can be assumed from his songs, he actually confessed that being single is perfectly fine with him. "I'm not currently dating anyone", the singer confirmed.

So if you are looking forward to Shawn's Valentine's Day advice, you may be left blank. He doesn't have any particular plans, even for such 21 years he's been living, the singer told Extra. He added that were he to have a girlfriend, undoubtedly he would celebrate the so-called international love day. However, in fact, he cannot, he has never done anything like that.

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Does Shawn Mendes desire to be in love?

The super star has been pretty open about his love life in recent interviews. Sharing reasons behind the current single status, Shawn told Variety that unlike what guessed by many people, his busy schedule is totally not the matter. He then joked that even at home in Pickering, he still wondered if he could be dating anyone. So what is the real explanation? According to the Canadian singer, he neither owns any desire to chase after love, nor meets up with the perfect half of his life yet. As a result, he simply lets it be, no rush, no force at all.

Besides, he also thinks that it partially owes the root to his inability to talk with girls. It may be surprising to lots of people when we look from the outside. But as he once shared, a good look doesn't mean everything, even cannot guarantee you're winning the game. So the handsome singer literally has no advantage over anybody at all.

Shawn even agrees with the idea of dating a fan, because, as he said, after a few hours of glory, stars are regular guys only. So guess what? There is definitely high hope for fans out there!

What is Shawn Mendes' idea of a perfect date?

Although he is not wishing to date anyone at the moment, he, of course, still has his own idea about what kind of boyfriend he would possibly be. As simple as you can think, he would invite the girlfriend for a dinner. First of all, politely ask her favorite restaurant or dishes. If no answer is delivered, he might ask for advice from colleagues.

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Who has Shawn Mendes dated?

Although he has been open about the current single status, Shawn's action is actually on the opposite when it comes to girls he has dated.

One specific case which has actually been confirmed is his dating with Hailey Baldwin, before her marriage to Justin Bieber. The two of them were seen hanging out a couple of times, especially attending the 2018 Met Gala together. Shawn then shared a pretty romantic post with the super-model on his Instagram.

There has also been a rumour that he was dating Camila Cabello, but the case closed when both of them confirmed they're just close friends. "Of those people who are just very easy to connect with and still, to this day, is one of my greatest friends", he informed People.

Check out his post below.


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