"Señorita": Steamy Music Video Of Shawn Mendes And Camila Cabello Out Now!

Salena Harshini |Jun 22, 2019

New song "Señorita" of the two young voices tells the sensitive aspects of love on Latin-sounding music, promises to become a big hit.

If you need a little extra seasoning and fuel for hot summer heat, the newly released sensual, mid-tempo song Señorita of Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes is exactly what you need right now.


After quite a lot of teasing and preview pictures on Instagram and Twitter, the duo has finally made their second collaboration official, after MV I Know What You Did Last Summer was out in 2015. The package includes a steaming hot video which is convulsing the whole fan community.

The MV has quite sensitive segments leading to a 16+ mark. This product is considered a bold move of two young artists.

It starts with the scene where Shawn Mendes was sitting on the motorbike looking all brawny and fetching under the dawn light. The singer then has a meal at the place Cabello serves as a waitress. All the tension begins when they give each other the eye. As the video continues, the couple shows their intimacy with all the dancing and sexy fling happening.

Camila Cabello (Source: Billboard)

The seductive Latin music acts as the background for Shawn Mendes' deep vocals and the crisp, clear voice of Camila Cabello. These are the catalysts that make the song ear-catching and help it be easier to gain the audience’s favor. Besides, with the lyrics of a rather adult song, mentioning some of the sensitive and emotional aspects of love, Señorita deserves to be included in the playlist of couples who are in the "booming" phase of love.

The image in the MV mainly uses three tones of yellow, blue and red which are quite suitable for the ride in the mood of the two main characters. In particular, the final scene of the MV is covered entirely by yellow leaving a profound effect and impression for the viewers.

The duo unexpectedly shared short footages of the MV on Wednesday, striking the social media with awe. Prior to eventually confirming the single’s release, they established a digital pre-sale on ShawnCamila.com.

Shawn Mendes (Source: Billboard)

Shawn Mendes is doing a tour titled under his name. His song - If I can’t have you ranked No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Camila Cabello is currently on the way to complete a new album, marking her comeback this year.


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