Selena Gomez Threw Courtney Barry The Most Exquisite Bridal Shower. See Pics

Kanchana Ngan |Jan 23, 2019

The weekend has just passed when Selena Gomez's fans can be satisfied to see her image in one of her best friend, Courtney Barry's bridal shower.

While many people might spend their weekend in a meaningless way, Selena Gomez made hers memorable. She threw one of her best friend, Courtney Barry, a surprising and exquisite bridal shower that she could not forget.

Although Selena did not post photos of herself, she was seen in many of her friends' pictures, which was enough to comfort her fans after the rehab issue. In those pictures, the party was such a gorgeous place decorated with colorful balloons and flowers, full of sweet drinks, all of which are ideal for a gathering of women only. Selena was wearing a stunning red dress and smiling happily beside lots of her close friends.

Talking about Selena Gomez and Courtney Barry's relationship, they confessed to having maintained an intimate friendship for such a long time. They have group's matching tattoo shaped literally like number "1", together with two females. Posting a picture to show the tattoo with Courtney, Selena gave the biggest compliment to her friend. The latter was praised for her kindness, mental strength as well as other perfect characteristics. "You are the definition of FEARFULLY and WONDERFULLY made baby. ", she emphasized.

The singer has recently been reported to be under medical treatment, making her fans extremely nervous. The health issue owes the reason to an "emotional breakdown" at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. To be detailed, she is said to suffer from an alarmingly low white blood cell count related to her kidney transplant and struggles with lupus.

However, Selena refused treatment in hospital, saying she was kind of afraid of medicine smell and even attempted to put an IV from her arm. Instead, she has been surrounded by family and close friends, who give her wholehearted support, help her feel like being at home even in the midst of disease curing.

Easily understanding, Selena's fans and even the public as a whole couldn't be more delighted and relieved with her healthy and happy appearance at Courtney Barry's bridal shower.


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