Selena Gomez Confirms To Play New Song After Mental Health Treatment

Advika Hue |Jan 21, 2019

Selena Gomez will make a comeback with a collaboration with Julia Michaels on a song called “Anxiety” in Julia's upcoming EP, Inner Monologue Part I.

Confirmed Selena Gomez Is Releasing New Music Post
Selena Gomez.

Singer Selena Gomez had quite a rough year in 2018 when it began with a breakup with Justin Bieber, which has been the talk of the public for a long time, and ended in an even worse way when she was hospitalized after experiencing a mental health crisis.

Selena Gomez had to be hospitalized twice over a couple of weeks for a low white blood cell count, which probably was a side effect from the kidney transplant she had in 2017. And due to her constant emotional breakdowns, she had to receive treatment for her mental health.

However, 2018 is over and Selena is now focusing on being healthy and happy. She’s even bringing Selenators more good news when it’s confirmed that a new song featuring Selena is going to be released soon.

Singer and songwriter Julia Michaels recently revealed the collaboration with Selena Gomez in her upcoming EP. On Saturday, January 19, Julia posted on Instagram the tracks list for her new EP called Inner Monologue Part I, which is coming out on January 25. Selena Gomes is featured in a song named Anxiety.

Another artist who is also featured on the album is Niall Horan. Niall will collaborate with Julia Michaels on the final song titled What A Time. Fans of the three singers definitely cannot wait to hear their new songs.

Check out the tracklist below:

On the post that Julia Michaels shared on Instagram, she wrote,

Screenshot 231

How excited are you about Julia Michael’s new album and Selena coming back from a long time being away from the music industry because of her mental health treatment? Leave comments below to share your opinions with us!

Meanwhile, Selena has given her fans some hints in her Instagram about the new projects that she’s been working on. Maybe she’ll drop a new album after the album Revival released in 2015.


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