Rihanna To Enroll Her Mother To Hype New Fashion Path Fenty On Instagram

Nalini Suri |May 28, 2019

Starting on Wednesday, Rihanna’s first fashion line called Fenty has become available for everyone to shop online.

Because of her upcoming first fashion line launch, there are no surprises that Rihanna booths heavily her collection on Instagram as time is flying minutes by minutes.

Do you know that the pop star’s mother Monica performs a well-dressed style, which took her recruitment by Rihanna and the businesswoman? Rihanna and her mother has taken a photo shooting together and shared some of them on Monday which helps to boost the designs.

In the photo, Rihanna puts on a tanned mini skirt perfectly mixing with a baggy tanned and black raincoat. In addition, she mixes with a white T-shirt and wears white trainers to highlight the shots. The emphasis point is her fingernails in a bright green color.

About Rihanna’s mother, a pair of sunglasses in the shape of a square that she sports are from Rihanna’s collection, too. She puts on a pretty tiered dress florally themed and toe shoes in pale blue.

The new label Fenty provides lots of ready-to-wear clothes, shoes, sunglasses, jewelry and other things for accessories.

For clothing, it is almost performed of whit, light and tanned pink, and suit jackets featured and pieces of dark denim. Adding, her clothing line gets inspiration from menswear to create tailored slacks.

Rihanna asserts that all of her collection is what she will wear herself.

The We Found Love hitmaker chose one from her own denim designs to wear in the opening last week in the Paris pop-up.

The singer hailing from Barbados shared that she has been “keeping a little incognito” during her time living in the capital of Britain before her fashion line launch.


Rihanna has been ready to promote her new fashion Fenty line that would bring her a golden bowl of the new path. Let's wait to see her full collection and ready on the "purchase" button to get a highlight for your wardrobe.


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