Prateek Kuhad: "Bollywood Is Like Any Other Project To Me"

Kanchana Ngan |Feb 13, 2019

Singer-songwriter Prateek Kuhad recently had an interview with the Hindustan Times, sharing thoughts on campus performance, music and more.

Prateek Kuhad recently put on high performance at Reverie, the annual cultural festival of Gargi College. Image of the experienced artist wearing casual and straightforward clothes, holding his beloved guitar and singing passionately left a deep impression on everybody. Not only did the singer-songwriter show real talent in his profession, but he was also excellent in heating the atmosphere up. The crowd on the final day of the event seemed to go crazy, joyfully absorbed in music flow.

Prateek's mesmeric voice led every attendance through various shades of emotions. The singer, after successfully finishing his likely-to-be a mini-concert, spent some minutes on the Hindustan Times' interview about performances, music and many more.

Prateek Kuhad Reverie Performance
Prateek Kuhad performed at Reverie, Gargi College.

First of all, when being asked about his feelings on campus performance, the prominent entertainer showed a positive manner. "It was fine", started he. In fact, Prateek Kuhad has given a considerable number of college performances, each with around four to five thousand people. With that much experience, he is able to conclude about this kind of show's unqualified organisation and preparation. As a result, the crew often meets specific difficulties related to equipment, security and many others. However, despite all of those obstacles, he still decides to throw tours like this and manages to handle each well. It owes the reason for the singer's desire to get closer to his beloved fans.

Although he had performed at abundant venues ranging from house gigs to big shows with thousands of audience, Prateek Kuhad confessed that he felt more comfortable in intimate setups. Following the release of Cold/ Mess last July, the singer decided to organise a house-gig tour for his loyal fans to easily enjoy. "They’ve followed me, stuck with me and nothing is really possible without them, so this was a way of giving back to them." His sincere words from the bottom of the heart definitely move anyone, no matter they are his supporters or not. To emphasise the intimacy he wished to show, Prateek chose rooms filled by only 20 to 30 people, then simply performed with his guitar. According to the star, it was much comfortable for him there because it feels like performing in his own room, no sound check, no amplifiers, nothing at all. "I just turn up with my guitar and share a more intimate experience with my fans", said he.

Listen to Cold/ Mess here.

Regarding his music and composing process, Prateek Kuhad indicated that his pieces of work were mixed from everything. He listens to a variety of genres, there is hardly any dominant artist in his playlist because he learns from a lot of stuff, indeed. As being shared, artists regularly takes inspiration from real life, then fill the gaps with craft and fiction. Although it is common for art to be created from already existing things added different modifications, the singer always tries to have his own unique colour and makes it more and more distinguishable.

Prateek further added that he would not perform unless he really liked that song. He prefers composing to singing, as it's better for sincere expression so that listeners can fully comprehend the meanings and emotions delivered. Respect the song first, sing it later. The singer-songwriter also advises people to adore what you're doing, that love and passion will simplify your journey to reach achievements. He, at all times, gives priority to his art, not the fame in Bollywood industry, "I don’t really think of Bollywood when I am writing a song, and for me, such an opportunity will be like any other project.", confessed he.

Based on that art-respecting manner, he rarely gives personal advice when anyone requires some, especially when it comes to making music. Instead, he just guides them to pay more observation, such as to their likes, dislikes, strengths and weaknesses, then figures out their own way. According to Prateek Kuhad, it is unwise to give straight and direct recommendations, which only lessen one's ability to think creatively and critically. Instead of that, provide them with real and sincere advice with which they can actively consider and make the best decisions themselves.


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