Lady Gaga's "A Star Is Born" Sadly Lose Out At Many Awards. How About Oscars 2019? Read details.

Bindhiya Nhi |Feb 22, 2019

Lady Gaga surely had expectations for "A Star Is Born" as it becomes Oscars' favorite pick. However, the movie has flamed out at many awards lately.

Lady Gaga was emotional when she was on the stage to receive her Grammy Awards for Best Song Shallow. However, she still stopped for a moment to praise her latest movie A Star Is Born. She appreciated the fact that the film brought out the topic of mental illness, and how she was proud to be a part of A Star Is Born's crew together with Bradley Cooper.


A Star Is Born become a part of the winner's several acceptance speeches at few events due to its power and other awards nominations. The debut movie of Bradley Cooper as a director is heading to Oscars 2019 which takes place on Sunday (ABC, 8 ET/5 PT). The story of a musician helping a young singer to find fame despite his age and alcoholism has eight Oscars nominations in total.

Bradley Cooper did not attend Grammys as he appeared in 2019 BAFTAs. He won Best Original Music for A Star Is Born, but it seemed like that was not full happiness for the actor. Most of the time in this Awards Season 2019, both Gaga and Cooper had to sit there and applaud for the other winners because they did not get any awards for their movie.

Awards Columnist Pete Hammond expressed his pity on the movie as it started to flame out at many awards. The fact that A Star Is Born has been nominated for many times but cannot win even once was heartbreaking to Hammond.

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However, A Star Is Born fans do not have to worry much. IMDb awards columnist Dave Karger believed that the movie would win at least once on the Oscars Sunday. He predicted that Shallow would achieve Best Song, but he was not positive about other awards for the movie.

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Besides, Hammond stated that anything could happen for A Star Is Born.

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Hammond knew that the crew still maintain a positive attitude, but somehow that was not what they expected from the beginning.

In this upcoming 91st Oscars, anything can happen. A Star Is Born might lose its limelight these days, but Bradley Cooper, Lady Gaga and the rest of the crew still have chances for unexpected wins.


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