NZ & Canada's Radio Stations Stop Playing Michael Jackson's Songs After Allegations Of Child Abuse

Priyansh Ha |Mar 09, 2019

Regard of the wave of controversy around Leaving Neverland, few radios have decided to stop playing Michael Jackson's music.

HBO's latest documentary Leaving Neverland is a controversial movie which accuses Michael Jackson of sexually abusing two boys at the age of 7 and 10. After the movie release on March 3, a wave of controversy has been up around the movie.

While Michael Jackson fans and family slammed the movie away saying that it’s all about money, other people expressed their shock and anger toward the heart-breaking film.

As a result, a few radio stations such as  NZ & Canada's have decided to stop playing his music.

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Michael Jackson is accused of sexually abusing two boys at the age of 7 and 10.

Running nine major radio stations of the country, MediaWorks in New Zealand has confirmed to pull down all of his songs from their playlists.

They Play Songs Everyone Want To Listen

Talking to Magic Fm, the company’s content director Leon Wratt noticed a split over this issue. Whether Michael Jackson is guilty or not, the only thing they care about is getting the audience engaged to their radio stations. So the music they play must be the thing everyone wants to listen.

Meanwhile, in Canada, three major radio stations in Montreal have stopped playing Michael Jackson’s music.

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