Netflix Just Teased A Beyoncé Documentary And The Twitter Is Freaking Out About It!

Maanyata Thu |Apr 07, 2019

Netflix tweeted a single yellow square with the word "Homecoming" on it a couple of hours ago, and that was all it took for Twitter to freak out about a new Beyoncé project.

It seems that Beyoncé’s upcoming project will be coming soon. Earlier this week, Us Weekly caused a stir that Beyoncé is currently "working with Netflix on a documentary," and the documentary “will be tied to her Coachella 2018 performance” as well as features some unseen footage from the act.


In case you don’t remember, Beyoncé ruled at the memorable Coachella 2018 where the superstar performed 26 songs, came onto the stage with Destiny’s Child and made history when becoming the first black women ever to headline the show, and the crowd were going crazy about her.

Back to her mysterious project, some Netflix accounts just tweeted a promotional image for something called “Homecoming”, which is set to arrive on 17th April.

Her fans were quick to realise that the colour and typography of Netflix's announcement are exactly in the same font that the superstar used on her Coachella merch and costuming and Netflix is referring to a Beyoncé documentary. The post has instantly taken the Internet by storm, and the Beyhive is losing their minds. Check out all the reactions below:

Some fans also pointed out that it was the font as some of Beyoncé's other logos:

As for the “Homecoming” title, some fans speculated that it could be mentioned to the Homecoming Scholars Award Program that Beyoncé launched last year intending to help students who wish to attend historically black college and universities. Through the merit foundation, Beyoncé will assign four schools each with a winner, who will receive a reward of $25,000 from studying in various fields.

While there have not been any confirmations from Beyoncé or Netflix yet, the superstar’s fans still have high hopes that "Homecoming" is a Beyoncé document, considering to all the cues that Netflix has given them. Stay tuned for more updates!


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