Mariah Carey mistook The Chainsmokers with One Direction... but continued the troll instead of apologizing

Kanchana Ngan |Feb 15, 2019

In a recent The Morning Mash Up episode, The Chainsmokers shared an intriguing story about their run-in with eminent diva Mariah Cerey.

The Chainsmokers showed appearance at a recent episode of The Morning Mash Up. Here one of the musical duo, Alex Pall, shared an intriguing story related with the world-wide diva Mariah Carey.

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One day they had a coincident run-in with the singer, how happy and honoured they were, no doubt. Then Mariah was like, "Dude, I love you guys!". Surprised at her acknowledgement about the group, they eagerly asked if she knew their name. The result came out unexpectedly when the beauty mistook them with... One Direction.

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Check out the video of their interesting sharing here.

The story did not come to an end yet. The Chainsmokers, after that, mentioned the incident through a Twitter post. Not only did it raise fans' attention, but even Mariah Carey noticed the post and replied. "Of course I know you!! I love your song "that's what makes you beautiful"!" Her laughing and lovingly kissing emotion attached at the end of the caption revealed her intention to troll the above two.

Mariah Carey Troll The Chainsmokers

Fans of both of the artist flooded the threads, which soon to be found wide-spread on the internet, with positive responses. All understood their jokes and felt it's cute and relaxing. One commenter, "Y'all got played by the queen and can’t even get mad about it", while many others highly praised the musical queen's good sense of humour.

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Regarding their working projects, The Chainsmokers has just announced their World War Joy North American Fall 2019 Tour. They are going to visit 41 cities in total, including Los Angeles, Chicago and Boston, which has wildly excited his fans already. The tour kicks off in Cincinnati on September 25 and extends till December 6 with their final show in Vancouver. Guests coming to the opening acts has also confirmed to be 5 Seconds of Summer and Canadian songstress Lennon Stella. The duo's tour is said to be one of the most anticipated musical events of the half-year.


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