Post Nearly 3 Decades, Here’s Top 5 Album-Seller Female Artists In U.S That You Need To Know

Nalini Suri |Jul 25, 2019

Above the changing music industry, the following best album-seller female artists have made a point in history passing nearly 30 years.

Many female artists have spent some decades to find a glorious light in the music industry, especially a position in top album-seller female artists. They all know how to draw people’s attraction to fight for their biggest way of sublimation in music. They have brought many emotional songs flowing into their sweet voice that melted many hearts.

Throughout several decades, the world music has ceaselessly changed and developed rapidly bearing out a series of fresh artist names. However, these 5 female artists have maintained their manners at every time they re-appear with the high commercial figure and superior ranking on physical charts of their albums.

Top Album Seller

See Top 5 album-seller female artists based on their net revenue (digital and physical sales of albums) recorded by Nielsen Music from 1991 till now!

The queen of this list is none other than the “U.S nightingale” - Mariah Carey when she owes an album-selling turnover of 55.5 million copies. Meanwhile, the fifth studio album Daydream releasing in 1995 embraced the most enormous figure in Mariah’s career when passing 7.7 million copies to be sold out.

At the latest comeback, following the success of the previous album Music Box, the hit-maker continues to overmaster the music fans by her new style in music bringing delightful hip-hop beat.

Mariah Carey
Mariah Carey in the initial days of her career

mariah carey

Not only rank the top spot in the female list, the We Belong Together singer excellently covers the forth position in Top Album-Seller Artists just after 3 legends including Garth Brooks (72.4 million), The Beatles (69.3 million) and Metallica (56 million).

celine dion

celine dion

Right after Mariah, two illustrious names are Celine Dion as the runner-up with 53 million sold-out copies and Shania Twain at the third position when selling out 35 million copies.

“Pop princess” Britney Spears lands at the forth ranking with 33.6 million sold-out copies in the U.S. Her monumental asset contains a multitude hits causing a global sensation, the Circus singer continuously hugged the first position in Billboard 200 up to 6 times.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Shania Twain

Shania Twain
Shania Twain

britney spears baby one more time
Britney Spears in "Baby One More Time"

Kết quả hình ảnh cho britney spears

At the final ranking, Taylor Swift ends the list with the album-selling turnover in the U.S of 32.7 million copies. Meanwhile, the biggest contribution comes from 3 albums including Fearless (7.18 million), 1989 (6.19 million) and Taylor Swift (5.72 million). It could be said that Fearless is considered as one of the most successful assaulting performances in Taylor’s career.

Taylor Swift

taylor swift
Taylor Swift

The rising female stars have been trying hard to follow their predecessors to name themselves in the best album-seller female artists list. But we can’t deny that all of 5 above super hit-makers deserve their position in the list.


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