Lady Gaga's New Tattoo Is A Secret Shout-Out To Bradley Cooper? Read Details.

Maanyata Thu |Feb 19, 2019

Lady Gaga's new tattoo has left fans really confused. Is it a secret shout-out to Bradley Cooper? Scroll down to find out.


Mother Monster Lady Gaga always knows the way to keep her fans guessing and wondering. Recently, the singer took to her Instagram to show off her new tattoo featuring musical notes on a scale, and this immediately sent fans around the world into a frenzy as they tried to solve the mysterious meaning behind her new ink.

Later, fans quickly pointed out that the required fifth line on the scale was missing in the tattoo and Lady Gaga deleted the photo, fixed the mistake and reposted the adjusted version.


However, her fans then kept wondering what the tattoo means and giving some interesting theories. While some of her fans believed the notes spell out G-A-G-A when reading them in treble clef, others stated that if you read the music in bass clef, it will give you B-C-B-C, which could be a nod to her co-star Bradley Cooper. After the success of A Star Is Born, many fans want Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper's on-screen love to be a reality, and plenty of them are wondering if there is something more between the two. Therefore, this theory drove the A Star Is Born Fandom crazy, let’s check out their reaction.





Luckily, Lady Gaga then took to her Instagram and explained her band new tattoo, saying that the tattoo means her name written in music.


Directed by Bradley Cooper, A Star Is Born follows Jackson Maine (Bradly Cooper), an alcoholic and drug-addicted musician who falls in love with a cabaret singer named Ally (Lady Gaga). The chemistry between Gaga and Cooper is undeniable, and this is a whirlwind romance. The film won Golden Globes for Best Original Song. Both Gaga and Copper were nominated for Best Actress and Best Actor and Best Original Song at the Oscars, which is the first time that’s happened in the history.


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