Sweet Beauty Of Suchitra And Shekhar Kapur Daughter, Pop Singer Kaveri Kapur

Hanima Anand |Aug 17, 2020

Today, let us introduce a new face of Indian entertainment industry who is the only daughter of legend actor Shekhar Kapur. Read facts and see sweet photos of Kaveri Kapur below!

Kaveri Kapur may sound familiar with many readers here because she is the only child of the famous film producer and director Shekhar Kapur who won various international awards for his Bandit Queen and Mr. India. Kaveri Kapur is currently working as a Pop singer and also a songwriter. She had 4 tracks under her name with the latest 2020 music video co-operating with her father.

Kaveri Kapur 1
Shekhar Kapur's daughter is all grown-up now.

About Kaveri Kapur - Shekhar Kapur daughter

Before checking her music videos, let’s read some facts about Kaveri Kapur family. As we all know, Kaveri Kapur is the only daughter of Shekhar Kapur (74 years old). Kaveri Kapur mother is the Indian actress and writer Suchitra Krishnamoorthi (44 years old).

Kaveri’s mother is not the first wife of Shekhar Kapur. The Indian producer used to marry Medha Gujral, a niece of Indian former Prime Minister I. K. Gujral but they divorced in 1994.

Kaveri Kapur 2
Kaveri with her mother, the Indian writer Suchitra Krishnamoorthi.

In 1997, Shekhar Kapur got married to Suchitra Krishnamoorthi. The couple gave birth to Kaveri Kapur in 2001 in London, England. Kaveri Kapur age in 2020 is 19 years old. Unfortunately, Kaveri Kapur parents couldn’t stay with each other for long, they split in 2007 and even involved in a court case over property dispute this year.

Kaveri Kapur 3
Kaveri distances himself from the court case between her parents.

Kaveri Kapur is studying at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, a privileged music school in the US but due to the coronavirus pandemic, she had to return to India in May. The young singer then self-isolated after landing, despite being tested and cleared at the airport. Suchitra, Kaveri’s mother was extremely worried before the girl came back to India safe.

Kaveri Kapur 4
Kaveri is studying music at Berklee College in Boston.

Kaveri Kapur grandparents

An interesting thing that fans want to know about this girl is her grandparents. Though a lot of people know her Bollywood parents as well as their surrounding scandals, they hardly have an idea of Kaveri Kapur grandparents.

Contrary to many people’s belief, Kaveri Kapur grandparents were not Bollywood figures. Shekhar Kapur’s father was a reputed doctor named Kulbhushan Kapur while his mother was Sheel Kanta Kapur who was a housewife. There was an intriguing story about Kaveri Kapur’s grandparents, shared by Shekhar Kapur.

Kaveri Kapur 5
The girl revealed her artistic tendency at a young age.

Shekhar, his sister and mother were travelling on a train from the newly created Pakistan to India when a massacre occurred. To save their lives, Kaveri Kapur grandmother or Shekhar’s mother had to play dead and hid the producer and his sister under her body. The incidence was recalled many times in Shekhar Kapur’s sharing on the partition of India.

Though Kaveri Kapur grandparents were not famous, they were brother-in-law and sister of legend Indian actors. In fact, Kaveri Kapur’s grandma was born in a cinematic family, being sister of three iconic figures, Chetan Anand, Dev Anand and Vijay Anand. All these actors then producers were very successful names of Hindi cinema at their time.

Dev Anand and Chetan Anand co-founded Navketan Films production house that is being run by Dev’s son Suneil Anand.

Kaveri Kapur 6
The daughter of Shekhar and Suchitra has a stunning transformation.

Kaveri Kapur songs

Kaveri Shekhar Kapur had her debut in 2016 with the love song Did You Know when she was only 15 years old. The girl then continued to release her second track named Half A Heart in December of the same year.

What made Kaveri Kapur first songs a centre of attention at that time was her ability to write and sing these songs on her own. The production team also shared that Kaveri already wrote and composed songs since the age of 11, four years before her first release.

Kaveri Kapur 7
The girl wasn't shy but natural on her first days of the entertainment career.

One year after her first single, Kaveri Kapur brought out another Pop song called Again in August, 2017. The young girl still pursued her natural style and simple music video, featuring herself singing the song in different settings without a complex plot.

The turning point in Kaveri’s career is her latest music video which came out on February 6, 2020. Unlike previous Kavery Kapur songs, this time the singer recorded the entire story to illustrate for her music. More specifically, Kaveri Kapur Smell Of The Rain music video was directed by her world-famous father Shekhar Kapur, telling the inner fight with demons inside every person. The singer-songwriter also expressed her maturity in front of the camera but not losing her natural innocent look.

Talking about the experience of working with Kaveri in Smell Of The Rain music video, Shekhar Kapur said that he was inspired by her vision for the song. Despite her young age, Kaveri mentioned the matter of accepting human dark side instead of running away. Shekhar felt it’s senseless when kids could only write about ‘teeny bopper love.’ The producer also encouraged all parents should let go of their children so the young could search and follow their own destiny, like what he did to his beloved daughter, Kaveri Shekhar Kapur.

Though Kaveri Kapur songs haven’t reached an impressive number of views as some other young stars, her Youtube channel has already gathered more than 16.1 thousand subscribers after only 4 tracks in total.

With Kaveri Kapur Berklee music education, her inborn talent and whole-hearted support from her parents, we believe Kaveri Kapur songs would soon gain wide recognition across the country.

Kaveri Kapur movies

Despite having father as a legend director who could help her to become Bollywood superstar with his talented direction, Kaveri Kapur hasn’t expressed any intention in stepping into the industry yet.

Kaveri Kapur 8
Should Kaveri want to join Bollywood, her father can prepare for her a blockbuster.

Currently, the singer focuses on her music career. She chose to study at Berklee instead of any acting school like many other star kids. Kaveri also showed her music tendency at a very young age (11) and released 4 tracks till now. Based on what we got, Kaveri Kapur won’t join the Bollywood industry in the near future.

Speculations are that she may try some roles after gaining nationwide recognition her music career. Though she didn’t show much to the public, we can see this girl is full of determination for any of her career plan.

To update latest activities of this singer-songwriter, you can follow Kaveri Kapur Instagram here.

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