"It Was Never Overnight Success For Me", Says Singer Sony Nigam

Vaishnavi Gavankar |Jul 11, 2019

He is known as "Modern Rafi" and is now considered as one of the most versatile singers of the Hindi film industry.

One of the most popular playback singers of Indian film industry Sonu Nigam has started his musical journey at the age of 4. Sonu Nigam went on to rule the music industry in the 90s when he was just 24. In a recent interview with Pune Mirror, Sonu Nigam Talked about his struggle and hard work.

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When asked about the struggle Sonu Nigam said to the entertainment portal, "We come from a lower middle-class family. From the time I opened my eyes, I saw my parents singing on stage. I thought I was also born for it and at the age of four, I persuaded them to allow me to sing. We were quite popular in North India as singers".

Sonu further shared about his childhood that he was born in Faridabad and shuttled between states before finally moving to Mumbai to pursue a career in singing. "It was never an overnight success for me. I got my first award after six years of being famous. Though it was a gradual process, it has lasted. By the grace of God, my first famous song came out in 1993 and it is 2019 now. It’s been a nice journey.”

When I was struggling, I used to ask for recipes from my mom. I used to cook for myself, wash utensils, clean the room and wash my clothes. I used to cook them but it wasn’t great. I used to make an omelet, half-fry, but successfully make round chappatis - even now. But if today, I start focusing on cooking - I think I will be a good cook,” said Sonu.

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A new trend has been around in Bollywood for a while now where actors have also taken control of the microphone.

“That’s not in our hands," Sonu explained, "that belongs to the music companies. It’s not in the power of composers as well. It’s a different ball game altogether." But he also adds, "It’s changing and is changing very fast. What is working right now will not necessarily work in the next two years.”

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Sonu Nigam is a singer, composer, live performer, host, and actor. He sings predominantly in Hindi and Kannada language films. He has sung in various Indian Languages like English, Bengali, Manipuri, Gujarati, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Tulu, Assamese, Odia, Nepali, Maithili, Malayalam.

Nigam has also released Indian pop albums and acted in a number of films. He has been one of the highest paid Indian singers. He is known as "Modern Rafi" and is now considered as one of the most versatile singers of the Hindi film industry. He is also regarded as the "Lord of Chords".


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