#Metoo: Sona Mohapatra Lashs Out At Sonu Nigam For Supporting Anu Malik

Mina Muzumdar |Dec 20, 2018

After Sonu Nigam made his comments in defence of Anu Malik who was alleged of sexual assault recently, singer Sona Mahapatra has criticized the singer for his statement.

Composer Sona Mohapatra has criticised Sonu Nigam fiercely for his recent statement about Pakistani singer and his comment in defence of Anu Malik, who was accused of sexual abuse by four women.


Took to Twitter, Sona angrily expressed her point of view. She wrote: “So much sympathy for a millionaire losing work? So much empathy for his privileged family being ‘tortured’?How about the scores of girls & women he tortured? Multiple testimonies not proof enough?”

Earlier, in Agenda Aaj 2018, Sonu Nigam answered media question about his friend Anu Malik, saying:


Anu Malik stepped down as Indian Idol judge after sexual harassment accusations


On the other hand, Sona of the opinion that numerous women can testify Anu’s misconduct and asked if her fellow singer requires every woman to have recording devices with them.

Talking about Sonu Nigam’s viewpoint about Pakistan, Sona gave a piece of her mind: “Are Arijeet Singh, Badshah, Vishal Dadlani from Pakistan though? “You’ve had your moment under the sun dear. India anoints a new ‘Male Super Star’ every 3/4/5 years without fail. Don’t blame the Pakistani artists. Also, do not mix up Art & Music with Politics & Ideology.”

Facing criticism for comment on Pakistani singer, Sonu had to explain himself in an earlier Facebook post.



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