"Gully Boy" Music Review: A Flawless Combination Of Soft Music And Messages

Advika Hue |Jan 27, 2019

The soundtrack album which contains 18 songs of "Gully Boy" was released by the producers and is highly rated by the public.


Musical film Gully Boy directed by Zoya Akhtar, starring Alia Bhatt and Ranveer Singh, revolves around the stories of underground rappers in Mumbai Naved Shaikh (Naezy) and Vivian Fernandes (Divine). The whole soundtrack album was released by the producers. It is a high expected album which has eighteen songs and is a great mixture of soft and fast tempo music.

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Asli Hip Hop

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that singer Ranveer Singh is capable of doing almost everything. You can tell by the way he raps. Asli Hip Hop is a good start for the album. It’s a fine combo of fast rhythm, beatbox, and bass. The song starts with beatbox sound and Ranveer’s voice soon after that. It is written and composed by Spitfire. The lyrics contain the idea of rap that Naezy and Divine want to tell the world. Moreover, Ranveer smoothly sings the song without any problem. This is a great start for the jukebox.

Mere Gully Mein

Just like the first song Asli Hip Hop, Mere Gully Mein went viral as soon as it was released. It’s like an announcement to everybody that the new rappers have begun a magical journey. The song is not too different from the original version but the fancy electronic beats make it sound wilder. It’s a perfect song to play in your car on your long road trips with some of your friends. You will feel like you are attending a real concert. This song is once again sung by the talented Ranveer Singh. It has the heavy bass and electronic beats that no music fan can miss. Mere Gully Mein is the first step into the fame of Naezy and Divine.

Apna Time Aayega

Apna Time Aayega is topping the music charts in just a short time. The lyrics were written by Ankur Tiwari and Divine and it completely matched with the vibe that Ranveer gives to this song, which has taken it to another level. It also got the fast rhythm and the mixing done well. Apna Time Aayega is another perfect song to put into the playlist for a long drive.

Doori - Poem

This song is not as energetic as the two previous songs. It has a poetic rhythm and the lyrics which was written by Javed Akhtar sound just like a poem.

Screenshot 167

The song begins with the piano sound and contains electronic guitar tunes.


Doori has brought back the energy level. This song is about the difficulties you have to deal with to get fame and the importance of money to gain a position. The lyrics are also soulful and the soft rap has conveyed a social message and the lyrics written by Javed Akhtar successfully portrayed the ugly truths about the world we’re living in.

Train Song

This bright song is a mixed version of the original song made by MIdIval Punditz and Raghu Dixit in 2013. The producers still have the original singer, Karsh Kale, to do this version and it turned out to be a smart choice. It’s a combination of various instruments including electronic drums, electronic piano, electronic guitar, and guitar riffs. All of them combined together to make an amazing harmony. You would love the feel of Victorian music added to this song.

Jingostan (2 different versions)

Jingostan is considered to be a brave song since it refers to the political system of India and it is set in a rather sarcastic tone. We haven’t had any song like that for a very long time. The beat and the vocal skills of Dub Sharma are also impressive. The second version of the song is a bit slower but its beat is more diverse.

Sher Aaya Sher

Featuring rapper Divine, this song is written by composer Major C. It’s about the rise of the young rappers and how they conquered the rap community.

Jahaan Tu Chala

With its lyrics written by Aditya Sharma, Jahaan Tu Chala is a beautiful song with an acoustic tune. The voice of Jasleen Royal is soothing and unique as always and it will definitely make your heart melt. You can hear the sound of several musical instruments in this song like acoustic guitar, sitar, violin and electronic piano.


This song is composed and performed by Dub Sharma in 2016 and now it has the feature of Divine. The lyrics are quite catchy and you can hear the popular slogans in Azadi. It is a perfect response to the fact that the protesters were pushed. It is so catchy that you can never play this song once.

Kab Se Kab Tak

This is a soft rap song performed by Ranveer Singh and Vibha Saraf. The melodious voice of Vibha made the rap of Ranveer more softened and relaxed. It is not a hit full of energy but you will get addicted after a few times listening to it.

Kaam Bhari

Well, if you love rap songs with a fast tempo, this is a perfect song for you. Sung by Kaam Bhari, it has the typical vibe of Mumbai in it.

Ek Hee Rasta

This is another poem of the album and Javed Akhtar has once again done an excellent job with the lyrics. “Ek Hee Rasta Hai, Jispe Chup Chap Sir ko Jhukaye hue, band Aankhe kar, log chate hai.” It has a similar style with the song Zinda Ho Tum of Farhan Akhtar.

Jeene Mein Aye Maza

This song will remind you of the good old times and the song Jeena Yahan Marna Yahan of Raj Kapoor. With the voice of Ankur Tiwari, it’s a catchy song despite being written in an old-fashion style.

Har Gham Mein Khushi Hai

Composed by Ishq Bector and Ace, who is also the singer for this song, it’s a rap song that will touch your heart and make you feel emotional. It’s related to all the rap songs in this album and gives out a meaningful message.


This is a song for all Punjabi lovers. Every jukebox must have a groovy Punjabi song to be perfectly completed and this is one. It’s a high tempo song sung by Arjun, Kaka Bhaniawala, Blitz and Desi Ma. Goriye is a mix of the original Ni Ek Tere Nain Goriye and the producers have added a little punk in it to make it more trendy.

 India 91

India 91 is the final song in the album and is performed by MC TodFod, MC Altaf, Noxious D, 100 RBH and Maharya. It is an interesting mixture of Hindi, Punjabi and Marathi rap and you will get to hear the sound of guitar, drums and tabla smoothly mixed together.

In conclusion, this album is highly reviewed for its fresh vibe and the talent of the singers and composers. It has soft songs, rap songs with a high tempo, poems, and they mix together harmoniously.

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