Fans Are Convinced Taylor Swift Will Be Teasing Her New Album With This Clue

Leela Adwani |Feb 25, 2019

Sharing the picture, Taylor captioned nothing other than seven palm tree emojis.

It’s not an overstatement to say that eagle-eyed Taylor Swift’s fans have never missed the chance to sniff out every move of the singer on Instagram. Indeed, Swifties also outdo themselves when seeking secret messages in her MVs.

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The fact is the Shake It Off singer, on the other hand, loves leaving some breadcrumbs for her well-wishers. It stands to reason that her fans think they might find out a valuable clue about her seventh studio album through a mysterious post on Instagram.

For those unversed, on 24 Feb 2019, the star took to Instagram to share a pretty photo of trees under a turquoise starry sky backdrop - though its caption made fans clueless. Sharing the picture, Taylor captioned nothing other than seven palm tree emojis. Interestingly, the photo also has seven palm trees itself, if you notice.

It’s hands down not a challenge for Taylor’ fans to notice the number in this picture. They soon then took to social media handles to express the excitement. Some even counted the stars - 60 or 61 - with an interesting theory that her first single could be teasing as many days. Many others also follow the clue of the number of the trees - 7 - as the symbols for resurrection or rebirth.

FYI, this is not the first time Swifties have tried to look for the hints about Taylor’s upcoming album. Earlier, some of her fans speculated that TS7 could be a mermaid themed album, especially given the fact her Ariel-inspired outfit she wore at the New Year’s Eve affair.


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