Adele Weight Loss Is The Most Dramatic Of All, Fans Couldn’t Realize Her In Latest Post!

Leela Adwani |May 14, 2020

Earlier this month, Adele leaked out a photo showing her slim figure in black dress for her birthday. Many people didn’t believe it until her latest post which zooms in the singer’s body.

On May 6th, the Florence Nightingale posted a picture of her in black dress and long hair. Everyone was shocked as she was unrecognizable. Her latest post also confirmed that Adele weight loss is the most dramatic of all with 100-pound disappeared.

Adele Weight Loss 1
The shocking transformation of Adele after weight loss   

As you can see in her Instagram post earlier this month, the singer looks fit and slim, unlike her normal figure. Adele smiled happily when showing her new look.

Adele New Look
The girl now can pose sexy photos after the tough period.

Confirming the news, Adele’s friend Lauren also shared a photo capturing Adele body in close shot, revealing her flawless thighs in black legging and tiny body-hugging dress.

Adele Slim
Adele new look after weight loss is drawing huge attention worldwide.

Lauren wrote:

“Happy Birthday angel babe @Adele. You came into my life a few months before I had story and you quickly became one of the most important figures in my journey as a new mother. You have taught me so much. You glow because your heart is full. I’m so proud of the human you are.

Wish we were reliving this Vegas sleepover.”

Adele After Weight Loss 2
Adele wears a body-hugging dress to flaunt her new look!

Though the post didn’t mention changes in Adele’s appearance, it quickly went viral among fans who couldn’t recognize their idol.

Adele Before Weight Loss
It's hard to remember a used-to-be Adele like this!

Everyone goes crazy about her new sexy look. “Omg Adele you look amazing? Welcome back to social media. I love you.”

Some even thought this was a joke. “I mean, are you kidding me”

Adele New Look On Street
Adele followed a strict diet and intensive workout to gain this look.

Sharing on her secrets of weight loss, Adele said she had followed a strict diet and pilates. She said that her diet focuses on plant foods which are high in sirtuins. She also did high-intensity workouts at home.

Adele After Weight Loss
Her face shape shows a significant change due to the weight loss.

By the way, Adele might also release a new album soon. Her makeup artist has hinted it on her post, teasing “Get ready to get on board.”

Adele hasn’t released any album since 2015. Her last album was 25 in which the song Hello has won British Single of the Year 2016, Record of the Year, Song of the Year and Best Pop Solo Performance.

Adele Weight Loss
It seems Adele can't use her old dress any more.

Adele new album is expected to come out in September this year.

But the most striking news in 2020 is always Adele weight loss which is a great motivation for any fan who wants to get rid of up to 100 pound!

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