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Salena Harshini |Apr 15, 2020

"World Famous Lover" is the latest Telugu movie of "Arjun Reddy" star Vijay Devrekonda and the source for downloading the flick is now available!

World Famous Lover is a Telugu-language romantic movie directed and written by Kranthi Madhav, released on February 14 this year. The film stars Arjun Reddy actor Vijay Deverakonda, Aishwarya Rajesh, Izabelle Leite, Rashi Khanna, and Catherine Tresa. World Famous Lover full movie download has been on the hunt these days.

World Famous Lover full movie download
World Famous Lover movie download is now available

The film is a combination of four distinct love stories: Suvarna and Seenavya, a middle-class couple living in a small town, Gautham who has a romance with Iza in Paris, Union Leader Srinu who falls in love with his boss, and a college love affair.

It is amusing to see Kranthi Madhav trying to put four separate love stories into one and make it World Famous Lover. However, the review on the movie is diverse. If you are not afraid of possible spoiler details, you can check our World Famous Lover full movie review by Starbiz in the link before coming to World Famous Lover movie download!

World Famous Lover full movie download 1
World Famous Lover full movie receives diverse reviews from the audience

Some reviewers said that World Famous Lover has the essential romantic elements in it but the film overall does not appeal as it should be. The film does not quite bring about the promise of its start, but it does include several enjoyable moments.

There's a popping scene in the primary hour which shows a disappointed Seenayya underlining his dad's failure to give advanced education to him. This is trailed by a part when Seenayya requests his wife to serve the supper. These scenes cause the crowd to howl uncontrollably.

These four stories work well as a standalone film, but not when they’re stitched together.

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World Famous Lover movie download 2
Steamy scenes make World Famous Lover movie download searches surge on the Internet.

As Seenayya and Gautham, Vijay Deverakonda overflows with certainty and conveys a solid screen nearness. He pros the rustic Telangana dialect and gets the non-verbal communication and character of mine worker right.

That the actor is a special presence in the Telugu film industry is by and by proven by World Famous Lover. Notwithstanding him, it would have been hard to sit through the film.

Raashi Khanna playing Yamini starts off quite promising but then peters out. Her body language needs to be more convincing and she also needs to work more on facial expressions.

Aishwarya shines without efforts in her role as Suvarna, a homemaker, tested by a progression of happenings and snags as she attempts to dazzle her significant other.

World Famous Lover full movie download 3
World Famous Lover full movie download free is right below!

On another hand, the cinematography of Jaya Krishna Gummadi, especially the Paris part, is considered classy. The music, however, did not impress so much.

What turned out great in World Famous Lover is the writing of Kranthi Madhav and Vijay Deverakonda's portrayal in the peak. The executive's vision meets up in the peak and fills in as sweet reclamation for us for watching the entire movie.

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For the unknown, there have been reports that Vijay Deverakonda had ghost-directed the movie because he was unsatisfied with its output.

Apparently, he and filmmaker Kranthi Madhav did not get along with one another during the making of World Famous Lover. Vijay Devrekonda reportedly reshot a number of parts in the movie because he did not favor the way they turned out. However, no official confirmation has been made on this.

Moreover, Vijya announced that this film would be the last love story in his career and he would not do movies of the same genre anymore.

World Famous Lover full movie download 4
Vijay Devrekonda was one of the few factors that make them film worth-watching

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