"Wonder Park" Review: True Animated Park Adventure Having The Same Stoyline

Jyotis |Mar 16, 2019

Although owning relatively interesting and creative ideas, Wonder Park makes the young audiences confused because its storyline wasn't fully developed.

Although owning relatively interesting and creative ideas, Wonder Park somehow makes the young audiences confused and boring because its storyline wasn't fully developed.

Wonder Park tells a story around June (Brianna Denski), who owns an unnormal aptitude for engineering. Our little girl dreams of building her amusement park which is managed by the animals. Knowing the daughter's dream, June's mother (Jennifer Garner) helps her to build a wonderland in their own home. 

Nonetheless, a couple of months later, she falls ill and must leave home for treatment. At the time, June suffers from terrible feelings, which seriously affects her imagined amusement park. However, the girl finally gets out from the bad feelings, comes back to save her wonderland.

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It can be denied that Wonder Park has a quite impressive opening. From an innocent, childlike, imaginable girl, June suddenly has to face up with life without mom. The transformation in the mind of a 7-year-old child touched the audience's soul. The motherhood was truly and emotionally described.

However, that's all of the interesting things in the entire 85 minutes of the movie. When other characters appear with rambling lines, Wonder Park turns out to be boring and even unattractive for the young audiences. The act of adding more humorous factors into the storyline inadvertently causes unpleasant feelings.

The director should have spent more time to focus on June's mother, who greatly influence on June's journey. The mother only appears at the beginning and returns at the end of everything. If Wonder Park spends more time for June's mother instead of the Peanut monkey, Wonder Park will be the most awaited animated film in 2019.

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The message is also a great minus of the film. June broke a row of neighbours' gardens, even police came to work but June's mother didn't say anything, but she cared and spent more time with her daughter. Such a good lesson on how to educate children like this was only briefly mentioned. Wonder Park seems to be an animated film lacking depth.

In contrast, the movie receives plus points for its impressive graphics animation. Its colours remind us of the super hits like Zootopia or Sing. All the characters' emotions were conveyed beautifully. Also, the amusement park was investigated meticulously, brings the most genuine feelings to the audiences.

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