"Uriyadi 2" Movie Review: Vijay Kumar's Political Thrillers Is On Point But Falls To Impress!

Priyansh Ha |Apr 12, 2019

As a political thriller, it might be not hard-hitting enough but definitely on-point.

Uriyadi 2

Director: Vijay Kumar
Cast: Vijay Kumar, Sudhakar, Vismaya, Abbas and Shankar Thas
Rating: 3/5

Just like its first installment released in 2016, Uriyadi 2 is all about the frustration of today's generation. Vijay Kumar’s film, however, seems to be a bigger film which addresses bigger problems. As a political thriller, it might be not hard-hitting enough but on-point.

Uriyadi 2 is a combination of a disaster movie and political thriller. Lenin Vijay (played by Vijay Kumar), is a happy-go-lucky man with deep social awareness. Working in a chemical plant, Lenin and his friend discover a severe environmental issue which is harmful to the surrounding. After a few tragic accidents, Lenin starts releasing that poor maintenance of the plant is the primary cause. Despite his effort of notifying other people, no one gives a tinker’s cuss about it.

While the plant’s owner is setting his eyes on another profitable project, the local authorities are occupied with the upcoming election. Finally, the anticipated disaster comes and takes many lives of local people.  

The basic plot, from the buildup to the strategy, from the disaster to the consequence, is based on the infamous Bhopal gas tragedy. The film doesn’t waste any second of its two hours. It intensively focuses on enhancing the tension which leads to the explore at the end. It also approaches the socio-political side, explaining how the caste system comes into play as well as the way our political leaders make use of it.

Uriyadi 2 Movie
The film poster

If you’re expecting Lenin Vijay to be a hero, just like many other Tamil films, this movie is an exception. Just like other people, he is frightened and helpless when it comes to saving lives after the disaster. Even when the film is overdramatic at some points, it quickly turns back to reality with practical issues. 

As a disaster movie, Uriyadi 2 has done an excellent job as no other Tamil film in recent years could. In term of a political thriller, it poses the right but not impactful enough question.


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