Top 100 Bollywood Movies of All Time: No.30 - 5 Scenes Which Make "Jaane Tu... Ya Jaane Na" Unforgetable

Priyansh Ha |Jul 27, 2019

Let’s drown in the overwhelming nostalgia with 5 most unforgettable scenes from Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na, one of the Top 100 Bollywood Movies Of All Time.

Marking the debut of Imran Khan, Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na is definitely one of the most iconic films which successfully portrayed the lives of millennials and their relationships. 11 years after the release, its content didn’t age and remains relevant to major issues that the youth of today is facing.

It is due to the reason that the coming-of-age romantic comedy ranked 30th out of Top 100 Bollywood Movies Of All Time. Let’s drown in the overwhelming nostalgia with 5 most unforgettable scenes from Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na.

Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na - No.30 over Top 100 Bollywood Movies Of All Time (Source: Times Of India)

‘Kahin Toh hogi woh’

Kahin Toh Hogi Woh

Apart from being one of the Top 100 Bollywood Movies Of All Time, the movie also has the best soundtracks which went viral for years. The song which tugged on every romantic’s heart-string is the most beautiful number showcased the first heartbreak.

It was the haunting moment when Jai saw Aditi kisses her fiancée with pain and fear burning in his eyes that also made our hearts break into pieces. 

‘Pappu Can’t Dance Saala’

Pappu Cant Dance Saala

This song was more than just a sensation. In fact, it has become a nationwide youth anthem. A group of friends unwinding with their peers basically touched a chord with youngsters who find themselves relatable with at least one quirky character of the squad. 

Jai Singh Rathore Rides A Horse To The Airport

Jai Singh Rathore Rides A Horse

Making a groundbreaking debut with the film, Imran Khan thrown his no-fuss performance which won everyone’s hearts. The actor stole the most ridiculous scene of the film by riding a horse to the airport to save the love of his life. It was one of his missions in order to become a real Rathore: Get arrested, thrash someone and ride a horse. 

Sibling Bond

Aditi And Amit

Aditi’s younger brother, Amit was a young boy with an artistic soul who we’ll cherish forever. When Aditi tries to form the bond with Amit and he tells her that she has forgotten him is the scene every sibling will find themselves relatable. Prateik Babbar nailed his character and won a bunch of nominations for his striking performance. It is sufficient that the impression he has created in the film is a long-lasting one.

Savitri Rathore Shocked To See Aditi Crying

Atidi Shazam
Source: Shazam

Savitri Rathore is definitely a dream mother everyone wishes to have. Despite being an overprotective one, she is also the one who tries to protect his son from his lineage and gives her the coolest pieces of advice. When she sees Aditi crying as she was saddened by the thought that 5 years have gone too fast, Savitri created her legacy with a shocking response: "On the phone, beta. On the phone."


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