Top 100 Bollywood Movies Of All Time: No.21 - “Taare Zameen Par”, 5 Moments That Even A Stone Heart Would Cry

Nalini Suri |Jun 25, 2019

More than just a movie, “Taare Zameen Par” deserves to stand highly in Top 100 Bollywood Movies of All Time with a heart-wrenching story.

Nearly 12 years passed by and people have still reminded of Taare Zameen Par as one of Top 100 Bollywood Movies Of All Time. It is a story about a young boy who got dyslexia then struggled to find his means. When hitting the theaters 10 years ago, most of the audience at that time had to wipe their tears off every 15 minutes.

There is a plentiful source of showering praises Taare Zameen Par has received so now we should go a scroll for 5 moments that would tear even a cold heart.

Taare Zameen Par

When Ishaan is left at the boarding school

We see that the backdrop of the emotional scene is haunting but Darsheel’s marvelous acting that a vulnerable kid silently tears out has made the moment. When the little boy feeling helpless than ever realizes that his parents left him alone in the hostel is the time our first tears fall down. How lonely the character is, we can deep into the scene and feel it.

Taare Zameen Par When Ishaan is left at the boarding school

When Ishaan hugs his mentor after winning the competition of art

This moment is the time we break all the rules of emotions and burst into tears. As mentioned, Ishaan felt nothing than helpless so this breaking moment is like a wave roll in the film. He can outburst emotions to Nikumbh when acknowledging his own transformation as the core of his emotions hold golden gratitude, pride and lots of love.

Taare Zameen Par

When Ishaan reads out loud a poster making his father speechless

It seems to be impossible for a dyslexia man to read even just some words, but Ishaan makes it real. Through his mentor, he can read out loud a poster despite his struggle on it. That is the moment, not only Ishaan’s father but also all of us are choked by tears. At that time, he writes a big sorry on his face, after all, a scene that we are also speechless to feel it.

Taare Zameen Par When Ishaan reads out loud a poster making his father speechless

The anger to calm Ishaan down

The first time his parents visit him, incensed Ishaan decides to lock himself and then runs around the basketball playground to storm out of his anger. But the moment of making our emotions scream is that he sits holding his older brother’s hands. The dissent he carries along is so comprehensive and does not seem to calm Ishaan down.

Taare Zameen Par

When Ishaan’s mother cries of the flip book

Right when Ishaan’s mother sees the flip book made by Ishaan, she realizes the distance her kid felt away from his family. The feeling comes naturally to any mothers all over the world to break out when leaving her kids far from home.

Taare Zameen Par

Not too dramatic but Taare Zameen Par has pushed all the emotions to the top and covered all the simple feelings of anyone. Ranking 21st in Top 100 Bollywood Movies Of All Time, Taare Zameen Par has left many unforgettable moments of tears and essentially put a gemstone in Bollywood cinema.


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