"To Let" Movie Review: Emotional Drama About Middle-Class Dreams and Reality

Kanchana Ngan |Feb 25, 2019

Chezhiyan directorial movie To Let stands out due to its meaningfulness, mentioning both dreams and reality on behalf of the middle-class.

To Let

Director: Chezhiyan
Cast: Santhosh Sriram, Sheela Rajkumar, Dharun, Aadhira Pandilakshmi
Rating: 3.5/5

Movie To Let 2

To Let was written, directed and filmed by respected director Chezhiyan in 2017, yet not until 21 February 2019 did it have the premiere. It was awarded as the Best Feature Film in Tamil at the 65th National Film Awards, and there are definitely certain reasons for that victory. It claims the differences from a commercial cinema, an outstanding feature that can be seen in many Tamil films. To Let courageously breaks the rules and takes the very first step towards realistic cinema, no wonder it captivates abundant attention and receive a significant amount of praise.

The plot centres around a small middle-class family including Illango, his wife Amudha and their five-year-old son Siddharth. They are living in a small rented apartment, then suddenly forced to vacate in just one month when the owner decides to lease it to others for higher rent. As time runs out, the husband gives his best effort to house-hunting duty across the city, and everything happens following this situation.

Movie To Let

Based on the above background, the movie talks about middle-class dreams and reality. Illango works as a film writer and assistant of the director. He holds a permanent dream of becoming a real director, producing an admiring piece of art. Although he has struggled to pursue that ambition, it almost seems like an impossible mission. In the meantime, Amudha wishes to possess her own home, no matter it's big or small, modern or still low-equipped. It's her burning desire that the whole family doesn't have to change the place of residence or move around the city from time to time.

Nevertheless, in reality, the struggle of both the main characters cannot come to an end. At one point, Illango has no choice but to sell his own-written script. In that scene, we see his hands running over the script, which obviously reveals his great disappointment. Sympathizing with his loss, Amudha suggests selling her jewels instead, and the scenario leaves the audience with teary eyes.

To Let is regarded as a realistic movie worth the highest compliments. Despite featuring mostly newcomers, their on-screen performances are really impressive, which generously contributes to the film's success.

Have a look at the movie's trailer here.


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