"Triple Frontier" Movie Review: Ben Affleck - Oscar Isaac's Blockbuster Of 2019

Kanchana Ngan |Mar 15, 2019

Despite just releasing a few days ago, "Triple Frontier" has claimed its great quality when receiving mostly positive critics.

Triple Frontier

Director: JC Chandor

Cast: Ben Affleck, Oscar Isaac, Charlie Hunnam, Garrett Hedlund, Pedro Pascal

Rating: 4/5

Triple Frontier, the action thriller film, is directed by prominent J. C. Chandor and participated by experienced actors such as Ben Affleck, Oscar Isaac. Thanks to this high profile, it captivated massive attention from the public even before the official release. The film had its premiere in selected theatres by Netflix on March 6, then spreading worldwide from March 13.

Within just a few days, numerous reviews are written, most of which are positive, showing a promising result in terms of both gross profit and critics. For the majority, Triple Frontier is favourable, leaving you on the edge of your seat at most of the time. From heist movie to an old-school Western narration, the film may be overloaded for some audience to watch. However, with Chandor's brilliant directorial, you will see a fluent harmonisation of violence, thrill, vengeance instead.

Triple Frontier

Triple Frontier is well mixed between different styles. (photo credit: Youtube)

The plot centres around how Garcia, a private military advisor, gathers his crew after receiving a request to help collect information about drug lord Lorea. However, as soon as sneaking into Lorea's mansion, observing a vast amount of property there, the mission turned into taking all for themselves. The story then continues with the team's attempt to take away as much as possible and escape from chasers.

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Oscar Isaac (as Santiago "Pope" Garcia) proves he has deserved the main role when skillfully gathering and leading the team through a wide range of troubles and difficulties. Ben Affleck (asCaptain Tom "Redfly" Davis) appears first in the credits for certain reasons, his charisma and intelligence capture thousands of hearts out there. As a partner, Captain William "Ironhead" Miller (Charlie Hunnam) is responsible for inspirational speeches, while his brother Ben Miller (Garrett Hedlund) take charge of strength in the group with his varied experience as martial arts fighter. And we cannot miss Francisco "Catfish" Morales (Pedro Pascal), who excellently plays the role of a former pilot. All of them unite together due to the feeling of resentment for their sacrifice for country, physically and mentally, for which they are worth something valuable in return.

Triple Frontier 2

High-profile cast of Triple Frontier (photo credit: Netflix)

The movie experienced a long and challenging production process when the cast was changed continuously. At first, it's not Ben Affleck and Oscar Isaac to take the lead roles, but a multitude of others was reported, such as Tom Hanks, Tom Hardy, Johnny Depp, Will Smith. All of them had signed the contract; however, due to various reasons, had to drop out of this project. The manufacturer changed from Paramount to Netflix. Even within directorial, several directors, including Bigelow, took the responsibility before J. C. Chandor. The latter, nevertheless, did such a fantastic job in connecting all parts, as well as blowing the soul into the favourable movie.

Triple Frontier 3

This cast had changed many times before having the final decision. (photo credit: DNA India)

Triple Frontier vividly depicts human's corruption, mainly greed and selfishness through the intriguing plot and highly invested action scenes. However, it is also a piece of art mentioning grace, attitude, especially in the ending part. And of course, it would be too much if the audience spends 2 hours in tension watching a whole thrilling film. The director smartly includes several interesting details, making film watchers laugh and release all of the stress formed from the previous content.

Generally, Triple Frontier is such an opening success of Netflix, gathering various styles in just a piece of work, which can reveal the manufacturer's great ambition in 2019. It is highly recommended to watch and enjoy on your own.


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