“The Sky Is Pink” Review: It’s Both Comical & Moving, Heartfelt & Quirky

Mohnish Singh |Oct 11, 2019

“The Sky Is Pink” marks the comeback of global icon Priyanka Chopra to Bollywood. Besides her, Zaira Wasim, Farhan Akhtar and Rohit Suresh Saraf are also seen in important characters.

After a long wait of more than three years, Priyanka Chopra finally makes her Bollywood comeback with The Sky Is Pink (2019).

Also featuring Zaira Wasim, Farhan Akhtar and Rohit Suresh Saraf in central characters, the movie is based on Aisha Chaudhary, an author and motivational speaker who was diagnosed with Pulmonary fibrosis.

Here is what our STARBIZ correspondent Mohnish Singh has to say about the film.

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As mentioned above, The Sky Is Pink is based on the life of Aisha Chaudhary, played beautifully by Zaira Wasim. Born with an immune deficiency disorder, 6-month-old Aisha undergoes bone marrow transplant in London.

As a side effect of medical therapy, she develops a serious illness called pulmonary fibrosis. What all her parents Niren Chaudhary (Farhan Akhtar) and Aditi Chaudhary (Priyanka Chopra) go through to keep her happy and alive despite knowing her impending death forms the crux of the story.


Filmmaker Shonali Bose is known for telling unforgettably moving stories. Her 2014 film Margarita With A Straw told the story of a young woman with cerebral palsy. Her latest offering, The Sky Is Pink, also revolves around a girl’s unending struggle to live her daily life in the face of death.

Bose once again succeeds in sketching characters that are not only convincing but also so impactful that they stay with you for a long, long time. She has co-written the movie with Nilesh Maniyar with dialogues provided by Juhi Chaturvedi and Maniyar.

The writing team seems to have given their all to the film. Besides performances, what makes The Sky Is Pink an unmissable watch is its sharp writing.

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Coming to performances, Zaira Wasim proves her mettle once again. She lives the character of Aisha Chaudhary to perfection. She delivers an emotionally committed performance that elevates the movie to a new level. You just cannot imagine anyone else doing this role. Farhan Akhtar also excels in most of the scenes, especially the emotional ones.

Rohit Suresh Saraf too does complete justice to his character and succeeds in leaving an impact with his performance. But it is Priyanka Chopra who truly stands out. She is the one who fuels the entire film. The actress returns to Bollywood after a gap of more than three years and with her incredible performance in The Sky Is Pink, she makes her comeback an impactful one.


Powered by riveting performances from Zaira Wasim, Rohit Suresh Saraf, Priyanka Chopra and Farhan Akhtar, The Sky Is Pink is an emotionally charged film which will move you several times throughout its runtime. Keep a box of tissues handy while watching it. I am going with 4 stars.


Banner: RSVP Movies, Roy Kapur Films, Purple Pebble Pictures
Director: Shonali Bose
Cast: Zaira Wasim, Priyanka Chopra, Farhan Akhtar, Rohit Suresh Saraf
Runtime: 154 Minutes
STARBIZ Rating: 4 Stars

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