"Thadam" Movie Review: Arun Vijay Starrer Showered With Praise From The Critics

Maanyata Thu |Mar 02, 2019

Arun Vijay's Thadam has finally hit the cinema and is receiving a positive response from the audiences and critics. Check out the first reviews of Thadam below



Cast: Arun Vijay, Tanya Hope, Vidya Pradeep, Vijayan, Yogi Babu
Director: Magizh Thirumeni

Arun Vijay starrer Thadam has finally hit the cinema today, 1st March. Helmed by director Magizh Thirumeni, this action thriller film had grabbed lots of attention among the film enthusiasts before its release. The story of Thamdam is about identical twins with different lifestyles and tastes. Arun Vijay has delivered a competent performance as both Ezhil (a construction engineer) and Kavin (a small-time thief). While Ezhil belongs to upper-middle-class and has a happy life with his beautiful girlfriend, Deepika (Tanya Hope), his twin brother, Kavin is a street man who gambles and deceives people for money.

There are many exciting twists in the movie when Ezhil is arrested over the mysterious murder of a youngster and Kavin also lands in the same police station. It creates lots of confusion among the police as both Ezhil and Kavin deny committing the murder, but their face is on the evidence.  Arun Vijay has stolen the show with his dual role as the actor clearly shows the difference between the twins through his body language and dialogue delivery. Also, Vijayan and Yogi Babu are both excellent as always. Both critics and audiences have showered the Arun Vijay starrer with a lot of praises and admiration. The gripping story, the unexpected ending and the fantastic performances of the cast are one of the reasons to watch this film.

Arjun Vijay took to his Twitter to thank the media and friends who attended a Thadam’s special screen yesterday. He wrote, "Ever thankful to my wonderful friends from MEDIA & PRESS who showered team #THADAM with such amazing positive reviews. I’m feeling very humbled and thank you all once again for your continued encouragement and support that keeps me going."

The first reviews of Thadam are out now. Scroll down to read what the critics and audiences talked about the movie.


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