Free Hindi Movies Download Websites| Where To Enjoy Latest Bollywood Films In High Quality

Leela Adwani |May 11, 2020

If you get bored or simply want to pass the time, then Bollywood movies should be your top priority. Here are the top websites allowing you to get Hindi movies download.

Bollywood films are by far one of the best sources for people to unwind. The Hindi cine industry is better known for top-notch movies with the stellar performance of the cast and it doesn't pale in comparison with any other film industry worldwide. If you get bored or simply want to pass the time, then Bollywood movies should be your top priority. However, not all movies are available in cinema, so today Starbiz bring you the top websites allowing you to get free Hindi movies download in high quality!

Have a whale of a time with free Hindi films!

From these websites, you are able to download any type of Bollywood film, be it action, comedy, romance, or thriller from our compilation of Hindi movie download websites, and all of them are made available for free.

1. Tamilrockers - Notorious Hindi movies download address

Website address:

Tamilrockers is always the scariest name to Bollywood industry.

It goes without saying that this torrent website is immensely popular among Indian movie fans. It’s like a desi version of Pirate Bay and of course, it’s also a troublemaker, a nightmare of a lot of filmmakers as this Hindi movies download website usually leaked the film shortly after its release.

The leaked version probably has a huge effect on the film’s business. Despite the ban from the authorities, Tamilrockers constantly changes its domain to regularly make almost all Bollywood films available for free download. The latest domain of this Hindi movie download site is Tamilrockermovies as mentioned above.

2. WorldFree4u - User-friendly Hindi movies download

Website address:

Along with Tamilrockers, WorldFree4u is among one of the most popular Hindi movie download HD websites where you can get your favorite Bollywood films quite easily. It offers its users links so that you can download what films you want to watch at home. The layout of the website is quite user-friendly with the film posters featured on the home page that is easy to see.

Another leading name in piracy Hindi movie download website is WorldFree4u.

People with slow Internet connection still download Hindi films on WorldFree4u as it also offers 300MB movies. Now, internet speed is not a matter anymore, isn’t it?

However, as we have already known that WorldFree4u is also one of the illegal Hindi movies download websites, accessing it may launch you into troubles. However, if you don’t mind and still want to have free Hindi movie download in your PC, then follow the below steps to access it.

  • First and foremost, you have to have VPN on your mobile in order to bypass the restriction
  • After having a VPN app, then open VPN software and choose an IP address of a random nation where website isn’t banned.
  • When you succeed in changing the IP address, you can access easily.

This method is also applicable to any blocked Hindi movie download site in India.

3. Mobile Movies - Hindi movies download for mobile users

Website address:

Mobilemovies is no stranger to Bollywood fans. It’s a popular site where Bollywood films are available in a variety of resolutions. Especially, the site is free for all users to get Bollywood movies download links online. Not just this, other than films, other popular English TV shows are also featured on this site.

This is how it looks like on Mobilemovies if you access it on desktop.

The major disadvantage of this Hindi movies download website is its design. As you can see, the display of the web shows no effort in hooking users' attention at all. However, using the mobile version is much better.

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4. FilmyWap - Versatile Hindi movies downloader

Website address:

Filmy4Wap which is mainly famous for providing copyrighted Bollywood, Hollywood, Tollywood, and other industries’ films has made several changes in its website where they self-consider the number one Hindi movies download HD site for 400MB and 1GB movies.

Meanwhile, other websites are able to provide 300MB movies only with a lot of quality problems. This site also promises to leak around 400 MBB movies with better quality than the majority.

Filmywap is familiar among fans who want to watch movies for free at home.

What makes Filmy4Wap stand out from other Bollywood movie download website is that it’s easy to access from both mobile and PC. Not just this, the Hindi movies download website also has a special subsection for all types of movies to make their users’ searching experience simple and easy.

5. Hdmoviesmp4 - Quality Hindi full movies download

Website address:

As the name says it all, the website helps users download all genres of Bollywood films in HD quality. Either a classic or the hottest one, it can be easily found on this site. Watching Hindi films free is getting easier than ever if you know this website. Especially, the film quality here is no need to comment on.

This Bollywood movie downloader offers films by genre.

Hdmoviesmp4 offers a great service to watch Bollywood film online without spending any single penny. The website layout is like a folder on your PC that is really easy and straight forward to find films. From this portal, you can also download a lot of dubbed movies or Hollywood films in Hindi.

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6. HDMp4 Mania - Hindi films download & upload

Website address:

The fact that HDMp4Mania is also another kind of website which allows users to download Bollywood movies free. It’s divided into 9 different categories including Bollywood, Hollywood, and even adult films.  However, this Hindi movie download site comes with a major drawback as it is actually a platform where users upload their own movies. It stands to the reasons why not all Bollywood movies are available, particularly the latest released.

HDMp4Mania may not be the fastest but the most fan-friendly.

If you want to download Hindi movies you like, you have to check their availability first. You can search for the name of the movie you prefer, then download it on your phone or PC.

However, even though it has one disadvantage, its advantage is that the website is supported by the 2G network and it offers various web series.

7. Moviespur - Limited Hindi movie download site

Website address:

The list of Hindi movies download websites cannot complete without mentioning Moviespur. People who like downloading movies online in HD print are quite familiar with this website. However, just like the above-mentioned website HDMp4Mania, its variety is not vast enough to make all movies available.

The design of MoviesPur is somehow not taken care much.

However, bear in mind that this Hindi movies download website still has some films of low quality. So when checking its availability, you should double-check whether it’s in high quality before clicking the download button.

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8. HD Movies Maza - Advert-free Hindi movie download website

Website address:

Speaking of an appealing graphical user interface, the website couldn’t score high. However, it seems not to be a big matter as HD Movies Maza helps users download films easily. At the first look, the website might be quite ordinary to many, though the presence of a wide range of high-quality Bollywood films and videos makes it the best choice.

It's interesting that this Hindi movie downloader resembles Moviespur in display.

Not just this, this Bollywood movie download website also comes with another advantage is that it doesn’t include any annoying advertisements or backlinks that you usually encounter at many other websites with downloading purpose.

9. Moviewatcher - Emerging website for Hindi free movie download

Website address:

Moviewatcher is one of the best websites offering Hindi movies for free download in high quality. However, unlike HD Movies Maza, this site still has several unwanted advertisements present that are bound to make the users frustrated.

Go to Moviewatcher to watch your favorite movie! It totally makes sense.

With some suggestions for Hindi movies download mentioned above, we hope you can find your new companion. However, we would like to remind you that this post is to provide information, not a recommendation you watch free Bollywood movie download on those sites.

Please note that it's always illegal to watch Hindi movie download on pirate sites. If you can afford, please check paid channels like Netflix or Amazone Prime Video to enjoy your flick!

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