Shah Rukh Khan's Daughter Suhana Khan To Make Her Acting Debut In A Short Film

Salena Harshini |Aug 07, 2019

Suhana Khan will appear as an actress in the short film project named "The Grey Part Of Blue", made by her classmate.

The news of Suhana Khan eventually making her debut in acting is going viral over social media. But not so fast, Shah Rukh Khan’s daughter will be seen playing a role not in a Bollywood project, but in the short movie directed by Theodore Gimeno, her classmate. The film is titled The Grey Part Of Blue.

Suhana Khan 3

Some days ago, Suhana Khan’s college rehearsals including her pictures made the Internet go cray cray and now the poster of the film she took part in is the next center of audiences’ attention. Theodore, a friend of Suhana, made two The Grey Part Of Blue posters public and they are created with a lot of filters.

Take a look at Suhana’s poster right below:

Suhana Movie
Source: Instagram

Suhana Khan has never stopped aspiring to have a chance of standing before the camera since her childhood. The 19-year-old star kid always aspired to take her father’s legacy and to become a great actor in the future. Suhana had previously shared with Vogue about her passion for acting,

Screenshot 114


The first time Suhana was officially made known to the world was when she became the Vogue India cover girl. Nepotism debate sparked among readers as they thought it made no sense for her to be featured on such an influential daily without having attained any specific achievements in the industry. It was reported that her father’s power and love for her was what earned her the spot. Suhana had also talked about moving away in that interview. She detailed,

Screenshot 115

Suhana Khan Mirror Selfie4
Suhana Khan on Vogue's cover (Source: Vogue)

In the meantime, Shah Rukh Khan had shared his thought on the acting careers of his children in a Hindustan Times interview. The superstar shared, “

Screenshot 116

Suhana Khan Mom Dad
Source: Instagram

Talking about the acting pursuing plan of Suhana, SRK opened up more with Mumbai Mirror and said,

Screenshot 117

We are all looking forward to the official debut of Suhana Khan in the B-town.

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