Saamy Square Movie Review: Anything Different Compared With Saamy 2003?

duytk |Sep 21, 2018

One of the 2018’s latest movies is Saamy Square. It’s a Tamil action masala film which is written and directed by Hari. Interestingly, Saamy Square is a continuation of the film Saamy in 2003.

Director and writer: Hari

Cast: Vikram, Keerthy Suresh, Bobby Simha, Aishwarya Rajesh, and Soori

Rating: ⅖

One of the 2018’s latest movies is Saamy Square. It’s a Tamil action masala film which is written and directed by Hari. Interestingly, Saamy Square is a continuation of the film Saamy in 2003.

When Hari made up his mind to make a continuation of Saamy 2003, he must have been in a puzzle. In the past, he once switched one of his cop film, Singam 2010 into another which tended to recount a new case with the participation of Duraisingam. As regards Saamy, its ending with a hidden message “Saamiyin vettai thodarum”. It probably means that the hero would come back to keep on hunting criminals. Unlike the sequel to Singam, 2018 Samy Square brings about the feeling that it is definitely not a repetition of Saamy.

Any differences between 2003 Saamy and 2018 Saamy Square

When it comes to the similar plot of 2003 Saamy and its sequel 2018 Saamy Square, it proves that the director must be excellent to keep entertaining the audiences. The same plot has existed for 15 years, the director Hari attentively added some more factors and events to testify that it’s a sequel of 2003 Saamy.

One of the most outstanding evidence for this director’s intention is the presence of character, Vikram. This role becomes more “overpowered” which is much like the one in video games with the wrecking havoc. In fact, you would find it interesting to such an overpowered on the screen when someone plays a video game. However, it is not the same when you see it in a film.

Another progress of this sequel compared with Saamy in 2003? This lies in the decision of the direction to put additional features to display the heroic character played by Vikram. To be more specific, he becomes stronger than usual by throwing robust punches to enable things to fly faster. How heroic Ramasamy also appears in the method he responds when contacting with khakhi. In addition, the film is more attractive in the way that the use of supernatural features in case Ramasamy “transferred” to his father. Other than that, the grand gestures and the bulging muscles of Vikram also makes Saamy Square more appealing.

Saamy Square Review

The first part of the sequel gives viewers an overview of the main players. It is an important portion because Hari released Saamy 15 years ago. So, the viewers could recall how it used to be to prepare themselves for this sequel. In Saamy Square,  Aishwarya Rajesh is responsible for the role which is originally played by Trisha. Hence, her performance in the film is not simply just a cameo.

Additionally, Ram Saamy, who is Aarusamy’s son, will confront with Raavana Pichai (Perumal Pichai’s son). Ram Saamy, played by Vikram is also the person who preserves his father’s legacy. The director intentionally named the villain as well as depicted the character coming from Colombo to emphasize that he’s extremely bad. This way is much like how directors in period movies illustrate each invader with ferociousness. In Saamy Square, Vikram appears with the image of a heroic cop. Whereas, Raavana Pichai his present as one-dimensional.

While Ramasamy and Aarusamy chat about having respect for women, the performance of Soori in the film seems comic without knowing how. It’s a big problem for the film when Soori does his best to be funny by means of employing rape in some jokes. Actually, such kind of topic like rape should not appear in any comedies. Moreover, comedians should never use it because it’s not funny to mention about it. Any indication of raping topic could enable women to feel cringed. With such raping elements, the film only plays down it.

Besides the above-mentioned problem with Saamy Square, there’s another issue with this sequel. It is considered to provide nothing new. During the film event, the female and the male feel head over heels in love with each other after a misunderstanding. There is one person rescue the other from a severe situation. But, unfortunately, they nearly get separated by another misunderstanding.

Some last words for Saamy Square

Even some drawbacks exist in the Saamy Square, it stills has some attractive moments to leave you in awe. Particularly, the appearance of some excellent “hero” scenes which could help viewers amused. The leading role in the film deals with the challenge which then causes a hunt. In general, both Saamy and Saamy Square are still similar to each other even 15 years have passed by.


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