Rs 3 Crores For One Movie?! Keerthy Suresh Salary And Assets Will Leave You Wonderstruck

Salena Harshini |Oct 26, 2020

The top actress of the South Indian industry has an enviable career and the sum she owns in her pocket is also flabbergasting. Check out her salary and net worth here!

Keerthy Suresh is among the finest actresses in the South Indian movie industry. With Mahanati. Keerthy Suresh has risen to be the top famous heroine and garnered a huge demand for her flicks and her market grew. If you are wondering about Keerthy Suresh salary as well as her possessions, family, husband or career facts, we will give you the answers to all of these.

Keerthy 3
The salary of Keerthy Suresh will make you drop your jaw

Keerthy Suresh net worth

Keerthy Suresh after winning the National Film Award for her stellar performance in 'Mahanati' has become the most sort after actor in the South Film Industry.

After bagging the National Film Award for her amazing portrayal in Mahanati, she has become one of the most sought after in town. As her acting projects have been garnering success and critical acclaim, Keerthy Suresh net worth as of 2020 is around $2 million which is about Rs 15 crores.

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The young actress has acclaimed herself as one of the top-notch stars in the South Indian film industry

From her net worth in general, we can see that Keerthy Suresh salary can be a huge deal too, and in fact, it is the truth. According to some sources, the actress earns around Rs 1 crore each film. Here are the salary of Keerthy Suresh for some of her most famous films

Keerthy Suresh salary for Mahanati

This is the biopic of actor Savitri that sent Keerthy to fame. Reliving the role e of the amazing starlet, she had left a mark on the audience even with only the teaser and she made it even bigger when she was in the full-fledged Satrivi role.

Keerthy Maha
As Mahanati is a big hit, her paycheck for this film is also admirable

She paid a lot of effort into this movie and she deserved a huge remuneration as well. According to reports, Keerthy Suresh salary for Mahanati was Rs 1.5 crores. Although it was not her highest paycheck, this amount is equal to that of other top stars like Kajal, Samantha, etc.

Keerthy Suresh salary for Sarkar

Sarkar is yet another in one of the biggest hits that Keerthy Suresh owns. Sarkar has grossed around Rs 250 crores worldwide and has become a commercial success.

Keerthy 2
Sarkar is also one of the films that earned her the most salary

According to reports, Keerthy Suresh salary for Sarkar is estimated to Rs 3 crores, and it is truly a great amount to be considered.

Keerthy Suresh salary for Penguin

Keerthy Suresh salary for penguin also attracts a lot of attention but it seems that her paycheck for this one has not been certified. The movie has just been released in 2020 and we will update the number as soon as possible after we can collect the most trustworthy information.

Keerthy 1
Meanwhile, her income for Penguin is still in question

Keerthy Suresh husband, assets, family

Keerthy Suresh income is surely admirable and the assets of the actress may be even more enviable. She has a number of luxury cars and her most costly asset is a Jaguar XJ whose price in India is at least Rs 1.03 crores. The actress also owns a Skoda, an Audi, a Ford model, and a Mercedes Benz. As per other reports, she also has a couple of houses in Kerala and Chennai.

While her income mainly comes from her works in movies, she is also the endorses of multiple brands like Chennai Silks and others.

Considering how big of a star she is, the buzz has always wondered about her husband

Apart from the salary of Keerthy Suresh, Keerthy Suresh husband may also be a big concern to the audience. She made a number of headlines regarding her wedding rumors to a businessman. Reportedly, she will be in an arranged marriage as to the wish of her parents Menaka and Suresh Kumar. However, the actress has then denied this news.

For the unversed, the 28-year-old actress comes from a family with an entertainment legacy. Her father, Suresh Kumar, is a Malayali movie producer while her mother, Menaka, is a former actress who worked in over 100 flicks. Keerthy’s older sister, Revathy Suresh, is also a VFX specialist and used to work for Shah Rukh Khan’s production house.

Keerthy Suresh Family
Keerthy Suresh family

While the global pandemic has been affecting millions of lives around the world, the lockdown and the virus also pose a major problem to film producers as the overly costs would hike because of the strict social distancing and safety protocols. Being aware of the issues that filmmakers would have to deal with amidst the urgent time, Keerthy Suresh has expressed her willingness to have her remuneration reduced for future works.

Keerthy 5
She is also a very nice person with a show of good faith

To prove that she isn’t bluffing, the actress has agreed to cut down her paycheck for all of her current commitments by 20% to 30%. This shows her pure intentions to help others and has certainly set a good example for other top stars to follow. Needless to say, this decision of hers would make many producers relieved.

Keerthy 8
The actress will be seen in more projects this year

On the work front, she will be seen in quite many released in 2020. The latest movie of her to be released was Penguin and the next film would be Rang De in which she will be co-star Ajay Devgn. This movie will mark her debut in Bollywood.

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