Rangeela Raja Deserves Zero Star: Govinda Is Too Innocent To Be A Sickening Rapist

Priyansh Ha |Jan 20, 2019

This film can blow your mind with a sickening image of Govinda as a arrogant rapist who despises all consequences.

Rangeela Raja movie review: This film can blow your mind with a sickening image of Govinda as an ignorant rapist who despises all consequences.
Director: Sikander Bharti
Cast: Govinda, Anupama Agnihotri, Mishika Chourasia,...
Rating: 0/5

If there is anything from Rangeela Raja which appeals to fans watching the film, absolutely it’s not about the provocative title but the name of Pahlaj Nihalani as the director. As you may not know, this man has declared war on what called "lady oriented" cinema. His name comes along to "sexy comedy" and confusing thoughts. That's why I can keep myself from wondering what he can offer India in his films.


It's A Mess Coming From A Weird Old World

Rangeela Raja turns out to be a mess what comes from the last century, must be in the ’90s. It’s a weird old continent where Govinda is a swagman, and Shakti Kapoor is a lisping woman. In addition to that, there is a parade of fashionable women, and the only treat must be Prem Chopra in the role of a thoughtful sadhu.

Check it out Rangeela Raja’s trailer here:

I expected some songs about erection as productions always have, but there was nothing like this. A song in Satyam Shivam Sundaram style introduced a bosomy temptress who attempts to seduce Govinda.

If Govinda is the reason you want to see the film, carefully take this review into consideration before booking a ticket. He’s literally a disaster for most parts of the film. His role is doubled as a lascivious tycoon and his younger brother, a dedicated sadhu. While the elder Govinda hires women only for playing around, his younger brother tries to drive him straight.

Govinda Is Too Innocent To Be A Rapist

The set of the film took place mainly in the garish ’Sheesh Mahal’ which bring a lavish look to the screen. However, there are scenes when Govinda’s performance is under the acceptable. rhyming shirt pocket with character flaws in a bizarre way. He enjoys grooving to the music effortlessly and is potential to be a ‘‘wedding video uncle’ in the next few years.


As his pelvic thrusts were powerless, he can never be a deadly masculine threat but a graceful clown. To Nihalani, he should eliminate the innocent out of Govinda before giving him this role. He has poisoned us with a sickening image as an arrogant rapist who despises the consequences. This film will definitely disappoint you. 

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