Paris Hilton Movie 2020 Unfolds Her Life Chapters Before & After The Infamous Leaked Tape

Hanima Anand |Oct 12, 2020

With a giant amount of heritage, Paris Hilton could have enjoyed her all life in wealth and peace without the leaked tape in the past. See how this turning point brought immense changes to her life!

Paris Hilton might fall off her prime time of fame for a while but her name, whenever mentioned, still stirs up the Internet for what she has experienced in the past, particularly her friendship with one of the most famous celebs now - Kim Kardashian. This Is Paris, the latest Paris Hilton movie 2020 is probably a PR stunt to claim back her spotlight, but it’s a truly worth-watching documentary of the hidden facts behind that gaudy blonde girl.

Paris Hilton photo 1
With her rebellious nature, Paris Hilton makes headlines with many of her life stories.

Paris Hilton was born on February 17 in 1981, being the great-granddaughter of Conrad Hilton. That means she is the heiress of the world-famous franchise Hilton Hotels which is worth $14 billion in total. However, Paris is not most known as the Hilton princess but a media person. With the recent Paris Hilton movie 2020 named This Is Paris, the audience can take a look at her life off the stage, as a normal vulnerable woman.

Paris Hilton Teenage Photo 1
Paris soon expresses her showbiz tendency in her teenage.

This Is Paris starts with scenes of the rebellious Hilton in her teenage. She is so engrossed in parties and drinks that her parents have to register her slots in many reformatory schools but she keeps fleeing from them. The Paris Hilton movie 2020 highlights the time she attends her last but worst school called Provo Canyon in Utah where she is tortured and bullied by surrounding people.

Paris is forced to take medicines to remain unconscious and fined for hiding the prescribed substances in solitary confinement for 10 hours. What she suffers here partly explains her behaviors later.

Paris Hilton Teenage Photo 2
Her parents sent Paris to various reformatory schools to make her obedient.

The next chapter comes when Paris Hilton takes part in some entertainment projects like The Simple Life in 2003. This is when she has her own assistant Kim Kardashian, who later follows Hilton’s image as a rich snob to get famous.

Paris Hilton And Kim Kardashian Old Photo 1
Kim Kardashian used to be Hilton's former personal assistant.

First storms arrive just weeks after her first show launch. A sex tape recording intimate scenes between Paris and her much older boyfriend is leaked out, causing explosive trauma for either Paris or her privileged family. The young girl even claims that’s the man she loves and she would do anything to please him. However, in the Paris Hilton documentary this time, she is aware that she might not have involved in that trouble had it not been for the dark days at her school.

Paris Hilton And Kim Kardashian Old Photo 2
The duo were seen in every event together, but attention was most for Paris then.

Actually, the Paris Hilton movie 2020 shows us more than what we see on the screen. The model and influencer also confirms her story in this documentary is never part of the brand, nor was her leaked tape in 2003. Though we may not think this Paris Hilton movie is a pure sharing session, we believe what she shows us is real.

Paris Hilton And Scarlett Johansson In 2003
People often see Paris Hilton as a bold girl without insecurities but she's not.

Behind that gaudy style with pinky cars and diamond accessories is a normal woman who can feel sadness and goes through multiple ordeals to find her inner peace.

You can watch Paris Hilton documentary - This Is Paris for free here to verify our statements.

Paris Hilton Movie 2020
This is the first time people see such an emotional Paris.

Take a look at the trailer of this Paris Hilton movie 2020 below!

It's been nearly a decade since the leaked tape incident but the story still has impacts on Paris' life till now. Though Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian have reunited,  people can't stop searching for their controversial friendships in the past. If you wish to know more about them, please watch Paris Hilton documentary for more.

Paris Hilton And Kim Kardashian Reunite
Kim and Paris were seen reunited in a recent Christmas party.

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