October Full Movie Download (2018) | A Praiseworthy Melodrama About Love And Life

Salena Harshini |Oct 12, 2020

Starring Varun Dhawan, "October" marks one of the best Hindi melodrama films you will have ever stumbled on. No more hesitation, let's start digging into the film now.

October is a praise-worthy coming-of-age movie starring Varun Dhawan and marking the debut of Banita Sandhu. The 2018 film was helmed by Shoojit Sircar and received immensely positive reviews from the audience and critics alike. Add the movie to your list right now with October full movie download for free!

Varun Dhawan and Banita Sandhu in the highly acclaimed film

In this romantic movie, Varun Dhawan is Dan, a sweet yet disobedient hotel management student who is training at a hotel in Delhi. His sharp jibes do not appear good with his managers but mostly, Dan is a loveable man. He wants to be a chef but he cannot deal with the difficulties of the training. Therefore, sometimes he would not serve some orders on time or clean the towels. In some way, it is just how Dan sees life, as an opportunity to get even.

Meanwhile, you see Banita Sandhu playing Shiuli in the October full movie download as another trainee there. In spite of rarely interacting, the two are friends. One unfortunate day, Shiuli falls from the hotel’s third floor and gets into a coma. Like anybody else, Dan is concerned about Shiuli’s well being. But what makes it different for him is that Dan cannot move on like other people. Every season of his life is stuck in that destined October.

A number of cuts from "October"

October is not only a love story. With its resilient ambiance, it is also a battle of intra-personal and inter-personal. The wise or logic decisions is not the aim of the film as it focuses on how far you can go for what you put your belief on. It is about discovering the one thing that notions us and realizing what we are instead of talking heads or moving robots.

With October full movie download, we feel like we are gazing at the sunsets of our childhood with a longing innocence while witnessing Dan undergoing a hushed transformation. In the world where practicality equals to self-indulgence, Dan is the person who can risk everything to have one more soulful living hour.

October full movie download is something you must not miss also because the smart writing of Juhi Chaturvedi lets the audience be willing to accept the protagonist as he is. The character of Varun Dhawan is a restless man who is not really focused on objectives. Although he does not speak much, he is gradually approaching an explosion.

Banita Sandhu who made a great debut with this film went on to star in more films like Pandora, Sardar Udham Singh

The director also makes sure that the audience can fathom the complication of rare medical situations. He creates a connection with the viewers and let them gain the patience a number of us display in such circumstances.

The acting of the cast is appreciated. Varun Dhawan is said to be mature and restrained with this role. His humor is inborn and his grasp of pain and the way it affects behaviors is even better. This is said to be one of the most terrific performances in his career.

The actor is aptly supported by newcomer Banita Sandhu along with Geetanjali Rao who is the mother of Shiuli in the October movie download. Banita Sandhu delivers a lovely and tender performance. She had an outstanding debut and is commented to be able to speak with her eyes, which pierced the viewers’ hearts.

Watch one of the best coming-of-age Hindi movies with October full movie download!

Meanwhile, the affecting, melancholic core of the film is emphasized by the unhurried rhythm that the filmmaker chooses to add in the tale’s unfolding, the delectable sound design, and background score. Hardly any Hindi movie has such a soundscape that is so steeped in euphonic and hypnotic musicality.

The tenor and tone of the main duo in the October movie download HD makes it adrift from the standard acting methods in Bollywood and is able to carry the audience in a unique world that can hardly be spotted in the contemporary Hindi film industry.

In the long run, the movie may hold a special spot in the minds of many people who have rescued to be rescued. While some may call it love, it may be life to others. While films usually trace down those who find passion by using heartbreak, October pivots on the people who may never find out the disparity between these two feelings.

The heartfelt movie will send you into pondering of love and life

Like life, the movie is not perfect but us still achingly beautiful in the best way. This wondrous movie is what you need for a time of pondering about love and life. With October full movie download, you will definitely have a worthwhile watching experience you didn’t know you would need.

For those unversed, the film received highly applauding reviews, especially praises for the direction towards the three main performances. The movie got seven nominations at the 64th Filmfare Awards including Best Supporting Actress, Best Female Debut (Sandhu), and Best Actor (Critics) for Varun Dhawan.

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