NOTA Movie Review: Vijay’s Performance Enlightened This Political Drama

Laavanya Hien |Oct 05, 2018

NOTA is such a favorite illusion for many filmmakers when it comes to the topic of politics. There is no better than NOTA to portray familiar political thriller events with the scriptwriter by Shan Karuppusamy.

Director: Anand Shankar

Writer: Shan Karuppusamy

Lead Role: Vijay Deverakonda, Nassar, Sathyaraj, Mehreen Pirzada, and Sanchana Natarajan

NOTA is such a favourite illusion for many filmmakers when it comes to the topic of politics. There is no better than NOTA to portray familiar political thriller events with the scriptwriter by Shan Karuppusamy. The film director, Anand Shankar has successfully produced a great film in this Tamil industry to entertain political lovers on the big screen.

NOTA Review: The Story

NOTA highlights the performance of the actor, Vijay Deverakonda. This is also his first appearance in Tamil cinema. The film depicts him as a youthful man who has a big love for working overseas. However, things have changed since he paid a visit to India in order to hang out with his friends as well as go to see his sisters. In the film, Varun is a thoughtless party-goer. His father gets into a trouble with serious corruption charge. Then, he has to resign. This event leads to how Varun finally becomes a Chief Minister even when he has no political experience. Varun still made up his mind to become a rowdy CM with unwillingness. Moreover, he is asked to be responsible for this job until Varun’s father is free of this corruption charge. But, everything doesn’t live up to his initial plan. In reality, he seems to be trapped in this dummy CM position for a longer time than he used to think.

From a jagged politician who fails under the leader’s feet of his party to the “yogi” who incidentally governs the state. It is all things that stem from reality. Moreover, NOTA demonstrates a very humorous scene in which some MLAs tries their best to persuade them to cast their votes for a man who is charged with corruption. This moment clearly shows the current laughable situations among politicians of this country.


NOTA Review: The Outlandish Plot

The Tamil Nadu’s audiences could have the ability to recount this extraordinary plot. There is a specific conversation that helps to fix the tone of the whole film. This dialogue involves the question of a young politician, Sanchana Natarajan who comes from the rival party. Natarajan asks about whether it is the statesman’s throne who governs or the musical chairs.

Let’s cite a particular example. In case there exists a state of emergency, Varun, the broad-shouldered youthful man who comes from London, recommends opening the war room. Whereas, other senior politicians will feel bewildered. To be more specific, do you know what the war room really is? In Varun’s mind, this kind of war room is what he has been observing in some movies. On the other hand, the other older men speculate that if Varun means war room is “bar room”.

One more time, those politicians continue to have a debate amongst themselves. They argue with each other that they need to be alert as always as well as make their effort to work throughout the night. It is to say; the viewers have an evident description of the politicians’ competence in NOTA. Particularly, it emphasizes how incompetent and inexperienced they are. Plus, it aims at verifying that it would help to stop things unsuccessful if a scholarly man makes a careful investment into politics.  Moreover, the plot indicates several commendable moments. However, it is not strange that Anand Shankar includes such scenes in NOTA. His intention is to jog audiences’ memory about the real-life events instead of representing stunning performances.


NOTA Review: Unpleasant Things

Though NOTA meets certain requirements, its performances are not derived from real life. Both the film director and writer spend much time in classifying the image of Varun in the film. Instead of disclosing loads of policies Varun want to put into action, Karuppusamy and Shankar make great attempt to define him as a qualified politician. Specifically, the director devotes up to 15 minutes to describe the city which is destroyed by floods. In this scene, Anand Shankar attentively shows how talented and quick-minded Varun is to control the natural disaster.  

Vijay Deverakonda used to play this kind of character successfully in the past. However, he fails to reach the audience’s expectation this time. In NOTA, Vijay Deverakonda doesn’t try to deal with the risky problems in a confident way. The way he tackles this corrupt yogi is an evidence to ascertain he could be better to be a CM than a person only handling with catastrophe.

What’s more, as regards the commentary of satirical politics, NATO’s story is not satisfactory enough to see. It appears that the film-producers capitulate to generate a basic movie rather than paying attention to each remarkable points. Probably, this results from an assured yogi in reality.


NOTA Review: Star Performances

How each character’s representation in the film contributes to the success or failure of NOTA. First of all, Nassar who plays the role of Vinodhan has successfully transformed himself into a politician. Along with that, Sathyaraj who acts as Nahendran also performs well in being an honest political reporter.

Regarding the actresses’ performances in NOTA, Sanchana Natarajan starts her role on a dominant note. Nonetheless, she pulls the plot forward in the end. Another great role in the film is Mehreen Pirzada. She turns into the role of a careful reporter. But, later she is only a normal person in NOTA to support the lead roles as all of her reporting competences evaporate.

The performance of Vijay Devarakonda is so spectacular that other roles could vanish easily. It might be a hole in the film script. Before, we used to watch Vijay playing roles of reckless youngsters. But, in NOTA, he first appears as an irresponsible politician with no experience at all. Later, he quickly turns himself into a CM to handle some catastrophes. For sure, NOTA’s script works well for him; thereby, enlightening his stunning performance.

All in all, NOTA might not be a special political movie for you. But, it is still fascinating to entertain you. With this political topic, you will see the fantasy when a dummy CM alters himself to be a rowdy one.


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