"Natpe Thunai" Movie Review: It Seems Like A Blend Of Multiple Film Plot Threads

Laavanya Hien |Apr 12, 2019

Natpe Thunai is about a hockey player who has decided to quit the sport; however, he obtains it again with a view to saving his local team ground.

Critic's Rating: 3/5

The story of Natpe Thunai: A hockey player has decided to quit the sport; however, he obtains it again with a view to saving his local team ground.

Natpe Thunai
A still from the film.

Natpe Thunai Movie Review

The movie starts with character Prabhakaran (played by Adhi) - a happy-go-lucky Pondicherry youngster - whose only ambition are that he could go to France. Then, to come there, he travels to Karaikal; however, Prabhakaran finally falls head over heels in love with one hockey player named Deepa (played by Anagha). And, through Deepa, he meets Shanmugam who is a military man in retirement and also a hockey team’s coach.

Natpe Thunai

It seems that Natpe Thunai is a mixture of multiple film plot threads. The film has an angle involving a number of people required to win what belongs to them rightfully in the sport. Here, that sport is hockey, and we have a no-nonsense coach as in film Chak De India. A subordinate plot which mentions a friend giving up his own life after a system that is similar in type to Gentleman thwarts his dream. There is one more plot thread which makes us think of Kaththi, and it is all about a corporation that is attempting to build its factory.

However, Natpe Thunai doesn’t come together completely. And the problem never involves its disparate storylines, but it is more about this movie doesn’t apply effectively any of these. It chooses a thread for the only purpose of dropping in after several scenes, then it transfers to another, which leaves us unsatisfied. The filmmaking of Natpe Thunai gets into the same problem too as it also imitates this approach. It seems that the film has a rush state to go to another scene though the previous one has come to its conclusion. This explains why it appears emotionally uninvolving.

Natpe Thunai

What the movie gives us is its momentary gratification. And with this, it attains with an affiliation sense, political satire, and idealistic lines. However, it satisfied the target audiences with an approach like that.


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