11 Movies With Shocking Age Gap Relationships In Indian Film History

Hanima Anand |Nov 24, 2020

Though the lead duos might look comparable in appearance, their age gap is jaw-dropping with the biggest gap reaching 42 years. See top 10 movies with big age gap relationships below!

There’s one fact that every fan of Bollywood might realize after years is that male actors seem to stay young forever. From King Khan to Akshay Kumar, their faces appear to remain the same during several decades whilst their female co-stars gradually turn victims of aging. Due to this, there are some movies with big age gap relationships that they become ridiculous when finding out.

Movies With Big Age Gap
This movie has the biggest age gap relationship on Indian screen, can you guess its name?

Prepare to get your jaws dropped after seeing these movies with large age gaps between the lead couple!

Munna Bhai MBBS – 21 years

Munna Bhai MBBS is the first one in the top movies with big age gap relationships in Bollywood. The film features Sanjay Dutt who was 44 years old then and Gracy Singh at her age of 23 years. However, they were absolutely comfortable with each other despite the large age gap.

Movies With Big Age Gap Relationships 1
The audience can easily figure out the ages of Munna Bhai MBBS cast.

Dabangg – 22 years

The next movie with a shocking age gap between male and female protagonists is the Salman Khan-starrer Dabangg in 2010.

When filming the hit, Salman Khan was already 45 years old while his co-star Sonakshi Sinha was 23 years old. This is also her debut movie in Bollywood.

Movies With Big Age Gap Relationships 2
Having chance to debut with such superstar as Salman Khan is the dream of every young actress.

No Entry - 22 years

The 2005 movie had an ensemble cast from Anil Kapoor, Salman Khan, Bipasha Basu to Esha Deol. However, the couple that saw the biggest age gap was Anil Kapoor and Lara Dutta in the role of spouses.

Anil was 49 years old and Lara was just 27 years old at the time No Entry was released.

Movies With Big Age Gap Relationships 3
Both Anil and Salman Khan co-starred with Lara Dutta in this movie.

Entertainment – 22 years

Entertainment is a 2014 action comedy by Sajid Farhad, starring Akshay Kumar and Tamanna Bhatia or Tamannaah. The superstar was 47 years old when his female colleague was only 25 years old then.

Movies With Big Age Gap Relationships 4
Akshay Kumar defies aging with his impressive look and toned body.

Zero – 23 years

Here comes a recent film by two Bollywood superstars, Shah Rukh Khan and Anushka Sharma. When Zero was premiered, King Khan has clocked his 53th birthday.

Movies With Big Age Gap Relationships 5
King Khan is another case of staying young forever in Bollywood.

Meanwhile, the youthful Anushka Sharma was just 30 years old. In fact, the movie also featured Katrina Kaif in lead role who was 35 years old at the time.

Enthiran/ Robot – 23 years

Enthiran, or also known as Robot in Hindi language, witnessed the collaboration of Rajinikanth and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan in 2010.

Rajinikanth was born in 1950, which means he was 60 years old when he filmed Robot. The beauty queen Aishwarya Rai, however, was only 37 years old then.

Movies With Big Age Gap Relationships 6
Hardly can anyone realize such a big age gap in Enthiran till they know it.

Sultan – 23 years

Another project among movies with big age gap relationships that came from Salman Khan was the 2016 blockbuster Sultan.

Salman Khan was 51 years old when he co-starred Anushka Sharma (28 years old) in the lead roles of Sultan.

Movies With Big Age Gap Relationships 7
Though he had passed his 50th birthday, Salman looks as young as in his 30s.

Housefull 4 – 23 years

Housefull 4 features its signature cast Akshay Kumar and the emerging star Kriti Sanon in important roles. While Akshay celebrated his 52nd birthday just one month before the film release, Kriti Sanon just clocked her 29th two months before that.

Movies With Big Age Gap Relationships 8
Akshay Kumar is a big name that co-stars many young debutantes in the industry.

Laxmii – 25 years

It seems Akshay Kumar is used to filming movies with big age gap relationships as this is his third project in this list.

The 2020 film Laxmii stars the young Bollywood actress Kiara Advani (28 years old) along with Akshay Kumar (53 years old). In spite of the shocking age gap, the dual didn’t give their audience an uncomfortable feeling when watching the movie at all.

Singh is Bliing – 25 years

Singh is Bliing was released in 2015 when its superstar Akshay Kumar was 48 years old. Playing opposite to Akshay in this film was the British actress Amy Jackson. She was only 23 years old at that time.

Movies With Big Age Gap Relationships 9
This couple looks rather mismatched in appearance but their collaboration on-screen is flawless.

2.0 – 42 years

Finally, we found the champion of movies with biggest age gap relationships in India, the 2.0 film by S. Shankar in 2018. What a coincidence, Akshay Kumar and Amy Jackson were also featured in this movie but they didn’t make up the biggest age-gap relationship here.

The lead role in 2.0 was taken by Rajinikanth who was 68 years old in 2018. Amy Jackson, as you can guess, was a 26-year-old girl in the same year.

Movies With Big Age Gap Relationships 10
Amy Jackson often joins projects with senior male actors.

Among all those movies with big age gap relationships, which one do you find most comfortable when seeing, and which one sounds most ridiculous?

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