Top 7 Best Movie Downloader App For PC [FREE]

Salena Harshini |Aug 07, 2020

No more worries about Internet lagging, these 7 free and high-quality movie downloader app for PC will provide you the best watching experience offline.

Sometimes, the best thing you want to do to get away from those life hustles is only to watch a cool film. But things like low bandwidth, slow wifi connection, or error messages can interfere with the joy. That is why we have made a compilation of the most recommended free movie downloader app for PC - MOD APK you can rely on.

1. uTorrent (Windows, Mac, Android)

This movie downloading application is quite famous and the features that helped create its high rating are space, speed, and ease to use. Not only available for Mac and Windows, this movie downloader app for PC is also valid in a portable version.

uTorrent is a famous movie downloader app for PC

This feature is considerably useful for those who are on the move and those who use shared PC as it works without having to be installed in the system.

Apart from the simplicity of use, minimal space on your drive, and the wide coverage for torrent information, uTorrent is also an ideal movie downloader app for PC windows 7, movie downloader app for PC windows 8, and even movie downloader app for PC windows 10.

2. BitTorrent (Windows, Mac, Android)

The most prominent feature of the application is its capability for search engines. What the users need to do is to only type the title fo the film they want to get and the application will do the rest.

movie-downloader-app-for-pc 1
BitTorrent - best movie downloader app for PC free

What makes this movie downloader for PC a good one is that even when the downloads are processing, the user can still see other available torrents they may be fond of via RSS technology.

3. Vuze (Windows, Mac)

Vuze is yet another free movie downloader app for PC that you can find. A number of features that make it stand out and collect a massive following are its HD video player, in-built browser, and a remote admin.

movie-downloader-app-for-pc 2
Vuze is a recommended movie downloader app for PC windows 7, movie downloader app for PC windows 8, and movie downloader app for PC windows 10

If you do not like others interfere with your privacy or you are using shared computers, Vuze is a big help as it can be protected with a password. Apart from the fact that it is one of the most high-performance yet free applications, users will enjoy the simplicity to use and the straightforward interface.

4. Alero (Windows, Mac)

Alero is already popular as a top-rated downloader for mobile and now it is also the best movie downloader app for PC free. Alero movie app download for PC has been highly sought after for its usefulness.

movie-downloader-app-for-pc 3
You will not want to miss this popular app to watch your fav movie

It is also nothing hard to install this app on your computer and it is totally easy to use.

5. ShowBox (Windows, Mac)

You will not want to miss this movie downloader app for PC as it provides users with the best features that they can offer. Showbox is a great film streaming app that allows its users to organize, stream, and download their aspired TV shows and movies. Showbox is available on many platforms such as Mac, Windows, Kindle Fire, Chromecast…

movie-downloader-app-for-pc 4
Showbox can be used o a lot of different platforms

You will not have to register or log in. All you need to do is choose your movie, download it and enjoy it. The application offers a big collection of movies from blockbusters to solo films.

Apart from watching flicks, users can also keep track of their favorite TV shows with all seasons and latest episodes available.

6. OneSwarm (Windows, Mac)

If issues of security and privacy are of concern to you, you will find this movie downloader app for PC extremely useful and probably one of the best apps for movies on computers you ever come across.

movie-downloader-app-for-pc 5
We can't exclude this movie downloader software for PC from this list

One Swarm protects its users’ personal information with state-of-the-art SSL encryption. The application also allows you to make a contact list of those that send or receive confidential files. At a glance, it may seem a bit more complex compared to other apps, but the fact that it is extremely convenient is undeniable.

7. BitSpirit (Window)

Last but not least, BitSpirit is the movie downloader software for PC you can’t look over. It has this potential to rank high as it is simple to use. Even the computer with the least drive capacity can make use of this movie downloader app for PC as it requires minimal PC resources to be able to operate.

movie-downloader-app-for-pc 6
You will be able to find your wanted films here

Something you should remember is to be sure the film you are downloading is exactly what you need as this application does not have the preview feature for the ongoing downloads.

The downside to BitSpirit, which can be fixed later, is that the application is currently only available for Window systems.

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