"Mere Pyare Prime Minister" Movie Review: The Directorial Of Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra Is A Feel-Good, Appealing Film

Laavanya Hien |Mar 12, 2019

The innocence that characters of movie Mere Pyare Prime Minister Set against a slum backdrop named Gandhi Nagar have is the 1st thing which strikes you.

The innocence that characters of movie Mere Pyare Prime Minister have is the 1st thing which strikes you. Set against a slum backdrop named Gandhi Nagar, the film pays its concentration to a winner. 

Specifically, it is about Kannu’s life (played by Om Kanojiya), Sargam his mother (played by Anjali Patil) together with the kid’s pursuit of building the toilet for beloved mom, who in company with others, without a bathroom, cannot avoid defecating in the open. And, this leads to the situation of being raped someday.

Mere Pyare Prime Minister

Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra, the filmmaker, is famous for helming films with a huge budget but attracting big stars, delivers the most personal, intimate, and honest movie. There have before existed several films focusing on the real lives of real slum dwellers; however, what enables Mere Pyare Prime Minister to be different from others is it could be natural as it might be and lives of those individuals are not romanticised.

The film’s characters are happy with their own space. Interestingly, I enjoyed that the filmmaker did not victimise them. Moreover, how they handle the situation of their mother being raped is delicately tackled. She isn’t thought like a victim as well as does not experience any hatred in society.

The performances of stars in the movie is appreciated with its highest order. Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra should receive a round of applause for generating natural kids’ performances - Prasad as Nirala, Adarsh Bharti as Ringtone, Syna Anand as Mangala, and Om Kanojiya

Usually, child stars in movies are frequently annoying because they’re made to act maturely, which withdraws you from the narrative; nonetheless, that is not a case here. Their innocence becomes the highlight, then convinces you.

Mere Pyare Prime Minister

The film’s conversations are beautiful, and its excellent writing is a bonus point. Mere Pyare Prime Minister isn’t preachy at all & this helps a lot. The film music by musical trio doesn’t succeed in leaving an impact. Also, lyrics by lyricist Gulzar are unmemorable.

The primary matter with this film lies in its slow pace at times and its editing. It wastes plenty of ties to go straight to the major point in the film’s first half. Mere Pyare Prime Minister could have been trimmed easily for 15 minutes, particularly in its first half. Also, the pace of the movie dips a little in its second half.

Generally, the directorial of Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra is such a feel-good and endearing movie which will make you happy. Watch it!

Mere Pyare Prime Minister trailer.

Rating: 3/5


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