Lootcase Movie Download: Watch The 2020 Amazing Dark Comedy Film For Free

Salena Harshini |Sep 11, 2020

Lootcase is a fun yet intense story of a man finding a mysterious suitcase on the street. Watch how it unfolds by downloading the film now.

Lootcase is the new Hindi comedy thriller released in 2020 by newcomer director Rajesh Krishnan. Starring Rasika Dugal and Kunal Khemu in lead roles, the movie has been amassing positive reactions from the audience. That’s why Lootcase movie download is here for you to watch this new film.

"Lootcase" seems regular but it is in fact a special movie

Lootcase is about Nandan Kumar (Kunal Khemmu), a typical man caught amid his average living condition and unlimited needs. His son demands everything and his wife (Rasika Dugal) Alta has to handle running a house that is low on supplies always.

On the way back from his work one night, Nandan witnesses his life taking a drastic turn, and although he thinks it would be the choice that betters his life but turns out it is not. He sees this bright-red suitcase with a load of 2000-rupee notes. Despite being confused at first, he makes a decision to keep that bag and troubles come along then.

What unbeknownst to Nandan is that the suitcase is of Patil (Gajraj Rao), a manipulative politician and it is supposed to arrive in the hand of another malevolent politician. Before it is put on a street called Pipe Road, it was taken care of by two gangsters who are in debt of the former politician and are made to run this risky task for him.

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Lootcase movie download 720p is up for grabs below

Many movies about a misplaced suitcase with a lot of money and falls into the hands of random persons have been made through times. But what matters is how you pull this simple tale with entertainment and prowess. It seems like Rajesh Krishnan and Kapil Sawant know what story to tell.

With the Lootcase movie download, you can see that the plotline is intriguing and has every ingredient in need to spice up a flawless dark comedy. The uproarious expressions, well-placed and timed one-liners, and the stool jokes make the movie a watchable one.

The story of a cash-ful suitcase getting lost will serve you a barrel of laughs. The humor in Lootcase movie download is nicely blended with just the right amount of drama, surprise, and action. As the audience reaches the climax, things get more serious but it is natural as the film is a dark comedy. There are parts that appear very staggering while many will make you laugh out loud.

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Lootcase movie download is available right here!

However, the film is more than just an action thriller and a comedy. It also shows us diverse types of people along with their ethics, morals, conscience, and beliefs. The thing is everything comes with money and a price too.

Download Lootcase movie and you will see that the acting is first-rate. The film may not be perfect but the cast’s prowess is undeniable.

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With his thick Marathi accent and the subtleties of a man celebrating good times – both literally and metaphorically – Kunal Kemmu gives the best of the role he's decided to depict.

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Kunal Khemmu and Rasika Dugal deliver convincing performances

Kemmu isn't just diverting as the man stuck between ravenousness and gumption & good and bad, yet additionally pulls off the genuine dialogues by nectar-topping them with humor.

Also, one of the main entertainers in the film is actor Vijay Raaz as Bala. Appeared as a nearby Gunda with an interest in the world of animal he makes you laugh out loud, with or without dialogues. Bala takes his inspiration from the universe of creatures that he observes fanatically on Nat Geo. It is a wilderness out there, he says of the Mumbai hidden world that he lives in, and nothing bodes well than learning the survival tricks from the animals of the wilderness.

Bala Rathod, portrayed with standard assurance by Vijay Raaz, is as interesting a character any you will ever experience in a comedy-action film. He would have made wonders in a more enlivened film.

Furthermore, Gajraj Rao as a corrupt government official MLA Patil is reputedly on a move; after all this is his second enormous comedy venture since 'Shubh Mangal Zyada Saavdhan' and he did not disappoint.

The three main supporting entertainers - Gajraj Rao, Ranvir Shorey, and Vijay Raaz - are a flat-out hoot. Lootcase comes up to standard as long as one of them is on the silver screen. The actors are in preeminent control as they bring about a radiance to the film that the content can't completely exploit.

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The dark comedy film will give you a worthwhile experience

The movie can be called one of the most worth-watching comedy and action films of this year. Make sure to watch more on Movies!

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