Lockdown 2.0 Movie Download - Watch The Latest Erotic Thriller Of Deepika Singh

Salena Harshini |Aug 25, 2020

Watch the latest erotic thriller film of Hotshots starring Deepika Singh without having to pay a single penny!

Amid the lockdown of India, Lockdown 2.0 - a new short film of Hotshots, has been released, starring famous TV actress Deepika Singh along with new faces like Tanvi Patil, Divya Singh. The erotic thriller has been welcomed by many viewers and Lockdown 2.0 movie download is becoming more and more sought after these days.

Lockdown 2 0
"Lockdown 2.0" is the newly released short erotic thriller of Hotshots

See what the movie is about and download Lockdown 2.0 to watch now.

Lockdown 2.0 movie download

The film which was released on August 18, 2020, focuses on three friends who spend a holiday with their girlfriends at a farmhouse. Among the friends, one is an arrogant and rich businessman, one is a corrupt policeman, one is a middle-class average salaried worker who wants to set his girl up for the rich friend for money.

Lockdown 2 0 Movie Download 2
The movie has quite a number of hot scenes
Lockdown 2 0 Movie Download
Divya Singh is introduced via this film

Nobody is aware that the girlfriend of the businessman is an actress and a high-profile escort. Meanwhile, the girlfriend of the police officer is extremely loyal yet a bit possessive in her relationship and the third friend’s girlfriend is a money-hunger. One of the girlfriends even hooks up with two friends at a time.

While they all have a plan for their holiday, they are stuck at the farmhouse in the middle of the lockdown. However, they then find the businessman’s girlfriend lifeless in the swimming pool. Her demise remains a mystery.

Lockdown 2 0 Movie Download 3
Watch Lockdown 2.0 to see what the erotic thriller is about

Who killed the girl? What kind of myth will be unfolded and will they overcome the lockdown? Watch Lockdown 2.0 movie download to see what actually happens.

Lockdown 2.0 movie download FREE in high quality

The cast of Lockdown 2.0 is a number of new faces. Although Deepika Singh, a popular actress is part of the film, she only plays the second lead actress in the new web series. Her acting prowess will make more fans fall for her.

The lead character is played by Tanvi Patil and the main actress delivers bold performance with quite a number of hot scenes.

Divya Singh is introduced via this web series and the budding actress predominantly works in Hotshots web series.

Deepika Singh to take a break

Meanwhile, Deepika Singh Goyal who had previously taken a break that lasted three years would allegedly have another hiatus.

Her television show, Diya Aur Baati Hum, marked a life-changing event for her as she not only arose as a household name through the show but also found the love of her life, Rohit Raj Goyal, one of the movie directors. Deepika Singh husband and she make an adorable couple of the industry.

Deepika Singh
Deepika Singh

The couple went down the aisle on 2 May 2014 and they have recently celebrated their 6th year anniversary amid the national lockdown.

Recently, the Diya Aur Baati Hum actress has got candid on her views about her hiatus. Deepika Singh believed that an actor always remains an actor and gave an instance of Sushmita Sen as the actress marked her return with a new web series.

Furthermore, Deepika Singh also made it clear that she “is not saying no to work” but she wanted to take cautions instead. She made sure that if a “preferable” TV show or web series comes up, she may give it a nod.

Deepika Singh Husband
The actress with her husband and son

The actress also talked about the suggested pay cut which actors have to take because of the global pandemic’s effect on everything. She said that she hoped the situation was only temporary. She had a belief that life would be back to normal but they “needed to hang on”.

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