Laila Majnu Movie Review: An Amazing Timeless Love Tale

developer |Sep 07, 2018

Laila Majnu is a beautiful tale directed by Sajid Ali. The film director has attractive viewers by creating such a thoughtful story. It’s all about young lovers who have to suffer from unhappy things from the outside world and their families.

Director: Sajid Ali

Lead actors: Avinash Tiwari and Tripti Dimri

Rating: 3.5/5

Laila Majnu is a beautiful tale directed by Sajid Ali. The film director has attractive viewers by creating such a thoughtful story. It’s all about young lovers who have to suffer from unhappy things from the outside world and their families.

Laila comes from a conservative family. Interestingly, she has a free spirit in which Laila always has a strong belief in living for the youth of the present. Whereas, Qais is a spoiled brat who then has a puppy love with Laila. But, their families are struggling with the poverty. Hence, they have to deal with pain and self-destruction.

Laila Majnu Review: Script

Laila Majnu, with no doubt, is a masterpiece from brothers of Imtiaz Ali and Sajid Ali. While the film is under the direction of Sajid Ali, his brother, Imtiaz Ali wrote its script. Although it is a romantic genre, it has enough ability to take fans by surprise. Moreover, it is not a small achievement which takes into consideration what we know about the long-time Persian legend. For sure, it’s about the star-crossed lovers for much more time than what we could remember. What’s more, it’s best endorsed by Rishi Kapoor, Eric Clapton, and Orhan Pamuk. It retells young lovers who gradually lose their minds and even their lives because of their families and the outside world.

Somewhere in the film, there still exists defect and imperfection. But, the hidden purposes are still too pure. Furthermore, the excellent performances together with heartbreaking second half contribute to satisfying fans. Even when you’re out of the movie, you will have no complaint. The Laila Majnu’s scriptwriter, Imtiaz Ali humorously shared in his recent interview that this kind of film requires crazy and mad people. It seems that he really needs the one who is similarly crazy and mad to watch, then feels, understand, and cherish it.

Laila Majnu Review: Highlights

The girl warns the boy who is chasing her around the Srinagar’s streets. However, the boy responds with a strange objection by saying that he has to try his best to be smart. After that, he defeats his regime of cleverness by dressing abruptly to keeping his stubble. The, not only the girl but also the viewers are taken aback. It is because the boy is probably not the most ordinary brilliant man. Well, he has his own charm to show us before we could.

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In this version, how the boys are staring at Laila might make her know. These boys do this multiple times. Nevertheless, like the way these boys scrutinize their cleverness, it is more due to her coquettishness that she always takes around herself than because of any illusory beauty.

Excitingly, Laila Majnu is a film which is full of unexpected events and scenes. One more highlight in the film involves a Kashmiri politician’s daughter. She is a girl of coddle and invincibility. Funnily, things have changed until a fateful night in which she has her eyes locked with a boy, the one has just been urinating on the head of her sister.

It’s truthful to the story as he is really the enemy because he is the son of her father’s enemy. Both of them know this sad fact. But, the forbidden makes them even more thrilled. Undeniably, they’re totally attracted to the other. The two happily chat with each other on the phone all the day long. Or, they stick to the same Srinagar cafe. It’s like there exists the only modest cafe in this Srinagar.  

Clapton had some words in his Layla that let’s point out the best of this situation prior to he becomes crazy. By maintaining this mythic tale decent, director Sajid Ali and scriptwriter Imtiaz Ali really try greatly to make this tale at its best. While the production is raw and basic, the acting and the writing is frankly authentic. This feature enables the film to be much less shining than the one with hand-embroidered.

Regarding the aspect of Muslim Socials, we used to spot it so popularly in Hindi cinema. Hence, Clapton emphasizes that he would consider Maila Majnu a Muslim Social. For Maila Majnu, it is more than a drama, it’s much like a grand tragedy.

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Laila Majnu Review: Actors’ Performance

The lead actor Tripti plays the role of Laila. In the film, she acts as a charming and endearing girl. Moreover, she managed to depict numerous emotions. Especially, with her unstoppable effort, she delivered such a praiseworthy performance. In the lone with the references of the film to Maine Pyar Kiya, Tripti Dimri might probably not be a better Laila than herself in the film.

The role of Qais, her lover in Laila Majnu is played by Avinash Tiwari. In fact, Tiwari is actually a prominent actor with his own self-awareness. In Tu Hai Mera Sunday, he expressed how excellent he was when acting as a hoarder. And, here in Laila Majnu, he first appears as an enchanter. Then, he smartly transfers to gears extraordinary. This is due to his character in the film which clinches the situation impossibility. Next, he reels under the obsession for his love. Particularly, a part in the film that shows he’s shaving can display his Marty Feldman jaw. Wow! it is great to see how embarrassed he is when being seen in that situation.

Laila Majnu Review: Music Style

One of the things that makes the film more memorable lies in its music. With Laila Majnu, the music supplements the film excellently. Especially, the song, Sarphiri is considered as an old track of Mani Ratnam which might possibly be performed by Chitra during the 1990s. Hitesh Sonik has composed the film’s background score; whereas, Alif, Joi Barua, and Niladri Kumar are responsible for composing the song. Probably, the three most attractive songs in the film are Haafiz Haafiz, Tum, and Aahista. These songs made a deep impression on fans and viewers.

Laila Majnu Review: Final Words

Laila Majnu is such a great film with thoughtful script writing. The film events create natural feelings. And, the characters act effortlessly that they still keep their credibility even when the intolerant intensity escalates sharply. In myriad contexts, both the boy and the father of the girl speak about the similar thing: “If people are saying something, it must be true”. Maybe, that is the story that could be handed down among generations.

All in all, Laila Majnu is something similar to the beholders. Characters might be still doomed or even flawed. But, they tried their best to contribute something real, special, and enviable. What’s a true romantic love!


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