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Bhavna Acharya |May 19, 2020

While waiting to see KGF Chapter 2 on the big screen, let’s take a look back at the first installment of the series by getting KGF Chapter 1 movie download and interesting facts about the biggest blockbuster of Kannada cinema

Hitting the theater in 2018, KGF Chapter 1 broke the record to be the highest Kannada grosser ever in history with Rs 240 crore at the box office. Featuring the Kannada superstar Yash in the lead role, the movie is the prequel of KGF Chapter 2 which is slated to release at the end of this year. While waiting to see KGF Chapter 2 on the big screen, let’s take a look back at the first installment of the series by getting KGF Chapter 1 movie download

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KGF Chapter 1 movie download is the most searched keyword over the past few months

KGF Chapter 1 plot

Setting in the 1960s in Bombay (now Mumbai), the movie revolves around a man with the nickname ‘Rocky’ who comes from a lower-class family chases for wealth and fame on request of his late mother. He starts dipping his toe into the gold mafia in the city and works on his first mission of killing the cruel Garuda.  

KGF Chapter 1 cast

The South superstar Yash takes the role of Rocky while the debutant Ramachandra Raju is seen as Garuda. The films also feature other big names of the industry including Anant Nag, Srinidhi Shetty, Simha, Vasishta N. Harish Rai, and Ayyappa P. Sharma. 

As a prominent name in the South cinema industry, Yash never let his fans down in any movies. In fact, KGF Chapter 1 is one of his best films ever as the actor received a lot of praise for this stellar performance. The superstar is the soul of the movie who set the frame on fire with his styles. Keep reading to find the link for KGF Chapter 1 Movie Download.

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KGF Chapter 1 features the South superstar Yash in the lead role


KGF Chapter 1 reviews

Before getting KGF Chapter 1 movie download, take a look at what makes the movie one of the biggest blockbusters in 2018.

While the movie is a commercial success which is known as the Kannada highest grosser of all time, it stills received mixed reviews from the critics. The movie is praised for excellent art direction and cinematography but the editing and the script are the downsides. Check out what are the critics and the audience talks about the movie:

"The best of all Indian movies. Nothing can be compared to this. Whoever is rating negatively,guys i understand your insecurity. That someone has done an incomparable job with your so-called favorite actors and directors." Niveditha U

"Fresh story, great visuals, the best part is there are too many characters in the film which really increases the curiosity of the audience and proves that the Hero is not the only powerful character in the movie else the movie would become too predictable like any other Bollywood masala movie." R Suraj Kumar

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Yash plays the role of a man who seeks fame and wealth by getting involved in a mafia gang

KGF Chapter 1 movie download

KGF Chapter 1 is the first Kannada movie that is available in 5 languages simultaneously including Kannada, Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam, and Tamil. Two years after the release, there are still many people who search for KGF Chapter 1 movie download and KGF Chapter 1 full movie in Hindi. In addition to that, KGF Chapter 1 Tamil download is also popular among the audience. As the film is no longer on a theatrical run, you can easily watch and download in on the internet. 

Get KGF Chapter 1 movie download in Hindi high quality 

Get KGF Chapter 1 movie download in Tamil high quality 

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Yash is seen romancing Srinidhi Shetty in the action thriller

KGF Chapter 1 songs

Background music is also another amazing thing about the movie. Apart from searching for KGF Chapter 1 movie Download, the soundtrack album of the movie also went viral on the internet. The KGF Chapter 1 full album is also available in 5 different languages with Gali Gali is the hottest song. The music video of Gali Gali's song featuring Mouni Roy and Neha Kahhar hit 307M views on Youtube at the moment. 

Let's groove into the hottest song from KGF Chapter 1:

The success of KGF Chapter 1 states that Kannada cinema is an established film industry and is going through a groundbreaking transformation. We have reasons to believe that the upcoming KGF Chapter 2 will also be a big hit in the future. 

Hope that you will enjoy KGF Chapter 1 movie download. Stay tuned with to get KGF Chapter 2 movie download as soon as possible.

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