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Hanima Anand |Mar 30, 2020

The 2020 Hindi romance comedy has been made available online. Check below for details of Jai Mummy Di movie download for free!

Though it has been released since January, many people haven’t watched this movie at the treatre yet. That’s why the search for Jai Mummy Di movie download is still increasing on the Internet. Understanding so, we get you here details to download Jai Mummy Di movie for free if you can’t afford to watch it on paid channels.

Jai Mummy Di is directed by Navjot Gulati and it is also the debut movie of this director. It features Sunny Singh and Sonnalli Seygall as protagonists while Supriya Pathak and Poonam Dhillon play the supporting roles.

Jai Mummy Di Movie Download 2020
Jai Mummy Di poster with four important roles

This is a reunion of Sunny and Sonnalli after 5 years since they co-starred in Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2 in 2015.

Moving to Jai Mummy Di movie review which you can read details by clicking on the link. Starbiz’s critic Monish Singh gave this movie 1 star only, reasoning why Jai Mummy Di movie download search volume is much lower than other Bollywood 2020 movies released at the same period.

“Jai Mummy Di does not guarantee more than a few laughs. Performances from the lead cast are nothing exciting and so are the screenplay and dialogues. You better wait for its digital or television premiere than making an effort to visit theatre.”

Jai Mummy Di Full Movie Download
The story revolves around the conflict of two mothers.

According to Monish, the movie tells story of two neighbors – Saanjh Bhalla (Sonanlli) and Puneet Khanna (Sunny) who love each other since they were in high school. However, they once break up and then be back to love a few weeks prior to their wedding.

The climax is the conflict between their mothers who used to be best friend but now really hate each other. The way Saanjh and Puneet work to solve this problem is the main focus of the film.

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Jai Mummy Di Movie Download
Sunny and Sonanlli in the movie premiere event. Photo credit: BCCL

However, neither the plot nor the cast meets the expectation of the audience, according to our critic comments. Both the lead roles or two seasoned actresses Supriya and Poonam don’t have the chance to prove their talent in this movie.

Anyway, you now don’t need to waste your money on the film, you can watch and download Jai Mummy Di movie here.

The movie lasts for 103 minutes and features the songs of Amartya Bobo Rahut and some others.

Till date, Jai Mummy Di has just gained Rs. 0.5 crores for its revenue. And we doubt the search for Jai Mummy Di movie download will soon reduce after people watch it.

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