"Guilty" Full Movie Download Available Online: Is The Kiara Advani Starrer Worth Watching?

Salena Harshini |Apr 22, 2020

The Kiara Advani starrer, Guilty movie download is now available for free. Amid the #MeToo movement, does the Karan Johar's film meet the expectations of the audience?

Guilty (2020) is the Hindi drama movie helmed by Ruchi Narain, released in early March this year. Featuring actress Kiara Advani and more, the movie centers around the narrative of a songwriter whose boyfriend is charged for rape during the #MeToo movement. As a product of famous filmmaker Karan Johar, many have been looking forward to watching this movie. And now, Guilty movie download is available for free.

Scroll down till the end of article for Guilty full movie download link, otherwise, take a look at the movie plot, review and trailer before watching it online for free!

Guilty movie download
If you can't watch the film on Netflix, Guilty movie download is now available here!

The film follows Nanki Dutta (Kiara Advani) who finds herself stuck in a rattrap when a new student in her school (Akansha Ranjan Kapoor’s Tanu Kumar) who joins #MeToo accuses her boyfriend, Vijay “VJ” Pratap Singh, of raping her on Valentine’s night in 2018. The rest of the movie tells Nanki’s efforts to find out the truth with the assistance of Danish Ali Baig, a lawyer working on the case of VJ.

Guilty movie download 1
The movie stars Kiara Advani, Akansha Ranjan, Gurfateh Singh Pirzada among others

The people after the #MeToo era are considerably woken. They always talk about women empowerment and fill their social media handles with equitable musings on consent. However, how will they react when a girl in their school is raped? Will they trust the victim? Or will they crudely judge her based on her clothes and past behavior?

It's the close linkage between the film context and Indian real-life society that hooks viewers into Guilty movie download. Let's see if it's a worth-watching Guilty download or not.

Here is our Guilty movie review!

Guilty movie download 2
The movie is set in the #MeToo movement

While most Bollywood movies show rape victims with their faces hidden, Guilty is the total difference in this regard. Tanu Kumar does not step down or hide her face in a dupatta post the incident. She actually jumps back and comes to the university fest in a glittery mini dress. Although someone says behind her back, "Yeh abhi bhi aise kapade pehte hai,” it only appears as noise to her ears. These scenes in Guilty full movie download are believed to have given more strength to vulnerable women in Indian society.

Guilty is created with a good heart and every right intention which helps cover several of its inconsistent work. Guilty movie download gets dull after 60 minutes, just to quit slacking by the end. The most concerning issue with Guilty is that Akansha is given next to no screen time. In spite of the fact that the story is about her managing the wrongdoing, we, some way or another, see a greater amount of VJ and Nanki on the screen.

Post being mostly limited to playing weaklings, Kiara Advani conveys a completely electric depiction as the untrustworthy Nanki, a searing university student with an affection for Faiz.

Guilty movie download 3
Guilty movie download also has some bold scenes

Kiara as Nanki Dutta keeps up a punk persona all through the movie, seeming to take the inspiration from pop singers like Kesha and Avril Lavigne. In certain scenes, she tilts a little towards exaggerating her acting. However, it can be exonerated.

Guilty likewise attempts to ace the suspense game but unfortunately falls flat. They couldn't arrive at the level that Taapsee Pannu 2016 starrer movie, Pink, came to. Pink, which also focused on consent, dealt with the subject much more elegantly. Also, there were clamors that Guilty is like American adolescents show 13 Reasons Why, yet it isn't the situation.

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Guilty movie download 4
Does "Guilty" meet the expectations of viewers?

Notwithstanding these couple of misses, Guilty is a significant film. Preaching is not enough, what is in need are actions, and the movie echoes that.

Furthermore, Guilty is reliably watchable, straight up to the wonderfully structured end credits and the honestly stunning title card that it closes with. It probably is not as faultlessly composed as Pink, but it surely tries to be as dynamic.

If you have any story to share after watching Guilty movie download, please feel free to reach Starbiz or leave comments on the post below!

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