Glass: Movie Review - M Night Shyamalan failed in the direction of the film genre

Rena Quynh |Jan 19, 2019

Review on Glass, starring Bruce Willis, James McAvoy and Samuel L Jackson and directed by Night Shyamalan



Cast: Bruce Willis, James McAvoy and Samuel L Jackson
Director: M Night Shyamalan
Rating: 2.5/5

Back to 2017 when Split was first released, the audience was quickly overwhelmed and swept into the unique plot of the movie. Psychological element mixed with a bit of horror factor, this thriller made the audience unable to stop eyeing it. It is a part of series which the first part is Unbreakable with the male lead, Bruce Willis. Three years later, as a continuation of the success of both films, director M Night Shyamalan released the last film to close the series of action, psychological, and horror film, Glass.


In Glass, we will have the opportunity to meet James McAvoy again, playing Kevin Wendell Crumb with multiple personalities in Split; Bruce Willis, playing David Dunn in Unbreakable and Samuel L Jackson, playing Elijah Price or different name, Mr Glass, who appeared in Unbreakable (2000) already.

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After The Beast appears and kidnaps more young girls, David immediately enters the quest for the killer. Unfortunately, both David and Kevin are arrested by police and sent to the Raven Hill Mental Hospital. Here, David quickly clashes "old friend" Mr Glass, who has been locked up in the hospital for years.

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The film impressed the audience by the impossibly criticised acting talent of Bruce WillisJames McAvoy and Samuel L Jackson. Scenes like the relationship between David and Joseph at the beginning of the film, each of James's appearances, and when they are being treated/ questioned by Dr Ellie Staple, playing by Sara Paulson are absolutely the highlights. More, the fact that making people ponder their views on heroes and villains in real life is an attraction and makes people love this movie indeed.

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However, besides those spotlights and the idea of the movie which sounds not bad at all, this film follows a superhero movie-oriented tendency that is far from the previous and turns to be disappointing. If Split is a supervillain and horror movie genre, Unbreakable follows super-power film motifs, this time M Night Shyamalan turns Glass back into superhero movies with junk skills like climbing walls, strong guys defeat strong guys in impossibly exciting fighting scenes. Besides, it seems that M Night Shyamalan did not really focus on the depth of the character.

Glass's opening begins at a fairly fast pace when the audience follows David's footsteps as a hero. But the audience will have to endure long details soon after. It seems that the charismatic performance in every scene of James McAvoy really saves this movie from the abyss. Although it is surprising and there are twists that you can hardly guess, but the ending is too blurred and lacking in depth. It cannot make the audience utter or scream in satisfaction.

In summary, if you want to follow a thrilling movie like Split, Glass can make you unsatisfied. Yet if you want an entertaining film or you just love the previous two parts of this series, you can go for it.


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