2019’s Most Amazing Hollywood Stars’ Body Transformation

Jyotis |Aug 16, 2019

See how the big names in Hollywood were fighting their best to get the shapes ready in their movies. The most impressive is Simon Pegg.

Every one of us all wants bodies like such as Chris Hemsworth and Christian Bale. However, the hard fact is that not all people have a fit physical state of a superhero right of the bat. Hence the hard work, and that does not exclude other professional co-stars.

A-listers have to get the help from personal trainers and hit the gym every day to build up the demanding athleticism as soon as possible in preparation for their action scenes in new movies.


With that in mind, you would not be so surprised if one day you find your favorite actor went incognito all of a sudden. And you would not even more surprised if after quite a while, they get back with the bodies that most can only dream after months or even years of work.

Wonder who could that be? Let’s list down some of the Hollywood’s most impressive body transformations in 2019 right now!

Simon Pegg - “Inheritance”

Simon Pegg 1
Simon Pegg before the transformation.

Everyone gets hyped up to see what Simon Pegg will be doing in the upcoming movie Inheritance after his picture of body transformation was uploaded on social media. The actor clearly went through some intense routine of strength and cardio building to lose that massive weight.

Simon Pegg
And after. (Image: Nick Lower's Twitter)

And indeed that’s what he said on his social network. Pegg has demanded a remarkable weight loss while adding more muscle power. It is quite hard, in fact, not getting that incredible pack of abs after such changes on your body. Words are not enough to describe, you have to see it yourself.

James McAvoy - “Glass”

James Mcavoy
James Mcavoy before...

This is not the first time - and very likely not the last we see the X-men’s Professor X putting on some serious muscle to get ready for a role of The Beast in the movie Glass. We already witnessed his bulked-up version in the movie Split some years ago when he played one of Kevin Wendell Crumb’s split personalities.

James Mcavoy 1
and here is how bulk he is in "Glass".

Even Magnus Lygdback is impressed: “James is one of those guys who loves the process. Because he had already been hitting the gym, and the framework was there, we were able to get more accomplished than I ever imagined.”

Lygdback is also the man behind Ben Affleck’s body in Batman, of Alicia Vikander in Tomb Raider and the Wonder Woman Gal Gadot. The trainer gets the McAvoy to follow a method named The Magnus Method, building up massive muscles by keep adding more weight and decreasing reps as soon as you get stronger.

Brie Larson - “Captain Marvel”

Brie Before
Brie Larson before working out

The first Marvel’s woman leading superhero receives high expectation, which motivates Larson to not only get her spirit and mental state fit the role, but also obviously the demanding physical state of a goddess.

Jason Walsh, Brie Larson’s trainer spilled the beans on the Vanity Fair of how the actress got ready to the movie. In the video, Jason also revealed that Captain Marvel was trained to accomplish straight 10 pull-ups, pushups with 20kg chains on the back and hip thrusts under 130kg weight.

Sylvester Stallone - “Rambo V”

It is hard to say that Stallone ever underwent any transformation because he has kept himself ripped ever since his franchise Creed. Sylvester Stallone does not seem to have a retirement plan just yet from the acting career when he confirms the appearance in the upcoming reboot Rambo V.

The legendary actor is worldwide for his jacked portrayal of Rocky Balboa in the Rocky series. But, time is the enemy of us all, and getting such hard work again is a questionable issue when Sylvester has already reached 70.

And Stallone does not hesitate to admit it. The training and also the process of filming did charge him a “lot of damage” on this body. Nobody can say no word other than “respect”.


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