Firebrand Review: Usha Jadhav To Star In A Moving Movie About Rape Survivors

Priyansh Ha |Feb 27, 2019

With the meaningful subject and storyline, Firebrand has successfully places a bold statement on women’s rights in Indian society.    



Director: Aruna Raje
Cast: Usha Jadhav, Rajeshwari Sachdev, Girish Kulkarni, Sachin Khedekar
Rating: 3.5/5

Following Soni, Netflix has brought up with a brand-new Indian original portraying Indian women and their roles in the society. Firebrand tells the story of a rape victim who spends the rest of her life helping other women.

Usha Jadhav is in the role of Sunanda, a devoted lawyer who fights for women’s right but has a post-traumatic stress disorder. Meanwhile, the male lead is taken by Girish Kulkarni, Sunanda's patient husband. As a rape survivor who determined in pursuing justice for women, Sunanda never loses a case. She, however, has to struggle with her own.

In addition to Usha Jadhav in the lead roles, the film also stars Puja Agarwal, Sachin Khedekar and Rajeshwari Sachdev. Aruna Raje’s production conveys a strong and solid message about the social issue.

Every Woman Can Be A Victim

Domestic violence and sexual assault can happen to every woman no matter who they are. That’s the cruelty of their husbands which makes them united and Sunanda is there to take all the cases. A rare case, however, pushes her into a tough situation when the husband is the real victim.

Firebrand is definitely a journey of emotions. Sunanda who tries to help other survivors has to give up with her own case. Also a survivor, she cannot get away from her sore past and has fear of physical touch. She cannot even have sex with her husband. The couple has to ask for help from a psychologist to calm down her fear and obsession.

While the main leads’ performance is realistic and powerful, the supporting cast sometimes calls up the feeling of a melodrama rather than a smooth film. The director has made another wrong move when Sunanda unleashes her pain and anger at a stuffed toy at the clinic. It’s unreal for a calm lawyer to easily transform into an emotionally vulnerable rape victim without any powerful catalysts.

Anyway, with the meaningful subject and storyline, Firebrand has successfully placed a bold statement on women’s rights in Indian society.    


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